Taking Complicated Ideas and Simplifying Them – Meet The Day Trade Professor

The Professor is a popular day trader, economics teacher, entrepreneur, and influencer.

In this fast-growing sector of the global financial system, the professor has been contributing his skills and expertise for the past nine years. He teaches his mentees all aspects of day trading and curates free trading courses that are highly beneficial to all those aiming to enter the field of day trading. One-of-a-kind support, highly energetic, and possessing a unique style of instruction, the professor is helping hundreds and thousands of people learn from him. Let’s get to know him further through an excerpt of chit chat we had with him recently.


Can you tell us about your business?

My business is on Instagram. The goal of the business is to teach people how to be consistent in trading stocks, cryptocurrency and teach them to be more strategic in investing. I have a 4-day virtual seminar that goes over everything trading and investing related. After that, my students can be completely free to trade and understand exactly what they must do!

What are your achievements till now?

My students have stopped working their 9-5 job and became full-time traders at a crypto hedge fund. I have been teaching for 9 years and I have the ability to take complicated ideas and simplify them.

So where are you from exactly?

I was raised in New York and grew up in Queens, New York. My father grew up poor where his house didn’t even have a roof and now the success the market has given me, I want to give back to society.

What are some of the habits that you would attribute your success to?

Being a professor for so many years has allowed me to be able to break down complicated stock and crypto charts to the point where 12-year-olds can understand.

Can you share one thing that you believe separates you or the work that you do from others?

My content is free. My course is free; even my book is free. I have free Instagram live shows 4x a week that breaks it all down! I’m the one person that doesn’t sell signals group chats and I’m actually a professor when others who are just selling products, I’m not.

What do you count as your failures? If any.


I used to trade penny stocks and I found that wasn’t for me. I moved over to blue-chip stocks as they are more stable and less volatile.

Lastly, where can people connect with you?

My Instagram profile @daytradeprofessor. I go live on Instagram Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 pm est and 9 pm est. I teach mindset and technical analysis so people can learn to be consistent. Also, my website is full of free content on trading with stocks and crypto.

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