Stephanie Gonzalez Talks About Her Journey of Becoming a Plus-Size Fashion Model

Plus-size women account for 68 percent of all shoppers, but they’re typically considered only a small percentage of the people in their particular fashion roles. The majority of the fashion decisions are still straight-size. Change, though, is on the horizon of the fashion industry with the inclusivity is the way to go.

The inspiring journey of Stephanie Gonzalez, a plus-size model, reveals the troubles and difficulties she had to face. Stephanie is a successful plus-size model and a social media influencer who spread awareness about her followers’ body acceptance. Her message is that you don’t have to be a specific size to look beautiful or feel self-confident. All sizes are pretty; you just need to accept yourself. 

Life was never a bed of roses for Stephanie. Belonging to a middle-class family, she was the youngest of four children and grew up in Kerman, a tiny town west of Fresno. Her teen years were full of the struggle of handling the issues she had with her own appearances. Stephanie fell deep into the drugs and struggled with most of her 20s fighting the addiction. Eventually, with family intervention, she came clean in 2013. 

It was like a second chance to build her life from scratch. She created her Instagram account with the name “She Be Stephanie.” and started to create content for her followers. She instantly caught her followers eye due to her amazing red hair. Her message was about body positivity, body acceptance, and make people confident about themselves. 

Her Instagram quickly grew & it wasn’t long before Stephanie was noticed by popular clothing brands and her modeling career began. Stephanie has multiple contracts with different plus-size brands. Her modeling inspired women and helped them feel positive and self-assured about their appearances. As a mother of three, a model, and an influencer, her story is an inspiration for many. 

Today, Stephanie has more than 622,000 Instagram follower who loves her content, and she influences many people to love themselves. Her work is centered on body positivity in general, emphasizing the importance of loving oneself and others regardless of looks. She discusses the importance of self-acceptance, acceptance, and health. Stephanie’s message focuses on identifying people based on their abilities and non-physical attributes rather than their appearance.