“Social Media Marketing Is Here To Stay For The Next Ten Years” Says Abdelkader Bachr

Social media marketing. Influencer marketing. They’ve both already been around long enough to be more than just a fad or passing phase. They’re here to stay. ‘For the next ten years at least,’ Abdelkader Bachr estimates. And he’s best positioned to know, having created many brands for companies and influencers on social media, especially Instagram.

Abdelkader’s awareness of the current state of social media, and the opportunities it presents businesses, is helping the young entrepreneur (he’s just 24 by the way) earn a six-figure sum, monthly. After just three years in business.

Standing Out

Key to his success has been his willingness to develop new skills and his determination to nurture connections across the business world. Interestingly, and perhaps crucially, Abdelkader insists he’s not motivated by money, unlike many entrepreneurs. He admits he’s been fortunate that financial security has been a by-product of his focus on a niche that he’s passionate about and one he discovered early in his life.


Advertising has always been a source of intrigue and fascination for Abdelkader. He fondly recalls watching media on TV in his (even) younger days. And when social media became dominant online, he was quick to turn his focus and attention to the burgeoning sector.

Such was his passion for digital marketing, he developed an agency while still at university. When the business began to generate sales of tens of thousands of dollars, he knew what he had to do—and dropped out of his third year of university to focus on his business and networking full-time. It was a move that proved Abdelkader’s commitment.

It turned out to be a great move. Abdelkader is now the owner of many successful businesses that use a proven business model that reflects his focus on the importance of overall brand presence as well as influence.

Leading The Way

Naturally, many aspiring entrepreneurs are keen to follow in Abdelkader’s footsteps, and he is always willing to share the benefits of his experience. He extols the virtues of working alongside a trusted team, something he has done ever since he created his first company. He argues that the idea of creating a company by yourself is close to ‘crazy’. 

Abdelkader also contends that: ‘The problem with most people is they want to see a direct return from their investment quickly. They aren’t invested in the long term.’ Abdelkader has some advice for those money-focused entrepreneurs: ‘You have to do what you’re doing for the passion, not for the money. If you’re in it for financial gain, you’ll quickly find yourself burning out or falling short of your goals.’  He likens that approach to trying to run before you can walk, instilling the importance of taking time to learn how to do things properly.

Abdelkader’s approach has certainly proved its worth and relevance during the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting financial impact. His long-term vision always allows for short-term setbacks, the built-in resilience of his strategies helping to insulate his businesses against the worst effects of obstacles or failures. It’s an ethos that enables any bumps in the road to be seen as chances to learn and grow.

The young entrepreneur is also reaping the benefits of his belief in the phrase ‘your network reflects your net worth’. Following this philosophy, and focusing on dedicated, high-level clients with a long term focus has enabled Abdelkader to not only weather the economic storm generated by the coronavirus pandemic but also scale his online business exponentially.


Future Plans

As the world emerges from lockdown, Abdelkader Bachr is maintaining his focus on working with celebrities and other high net worth individuals to scale digital marketing operations and revenues across his companies. 

His ultimate goal is to be renowned for the integrity of the working relationships he enjoys with his clients. And he reiterates his advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs: ‘Don’t start anything just because you want to make a lot of money. You need a long term vision. And if you stay dedicated, the money will follow.’

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