Social Media Influencer Jonathan Bobby Opp’s Incredible Journey to Freedom from Addiction

Drug addiction and substance abuse are not easy to bounce back from, and that’s common knowledge. What goes unnoticed are the emotional and psychological scars that they leave behind even when one has healed. Freeing oneself from the clutches of drug abuse and addiction is a feat on its own, but reclaiming your life, success, and happiness is a different story altogether. Social media influencer Jonathan Bobby Opp has done just that. He got himself out of the dark valley of substance abuse and all the related physical and mental issues on his own, and now he helps the downtrodden and lost souls come back to life. From the darkness of hopelessness to the light of hope, there is an incredible story in the ordinary details of his days.


Bobby’s life was turned upside down when his mother passed away while he was merely seven years old. The unfathomable emotional vacuum of his mother’s demise pushed him into the unknown alleys of loneliness and depression. The situation worsened when he faced sustained sexual abuse. The innocent young mind couldn’t find a safe place other than school and studies. He channeled all of his energy into academics and excelled. Bobby was very active in extracurricular activities and gained a prominent position in sports too. The emotional void, however, stayed unfilled.

Having been subjected to sexual abuse and faced formidable difficulties such as depression and loneliness, Bobby came out as an extremely soft-hearted person who was always looking for ways to help the underprivileged and the downtrodden. His earliest philanthropic work was volunteering to help special needs students in his hometown.

Although Bobby excelled in academics and sports, there was noise inside him that frequently brought depression and gloom, ultimately leading to drug addiction and substance abuse, further damaging the heart and soul, which were already hanging by a fragile thread of hope. At the same time, he got married and had children. With the battles raging in his head, the addiction and resultant psychological, as well as physical issues, led to a divorce after ten years of marriage.

One after another, he was coming face to face with emotionally destructive situations. But even as he was drowning in the darkness that came along with every failure, his innate resilience kept him afloat. This strength, ability to persist, and the deep-rooted kindness of his nature helped him reclaim life and happiness.

In an unconventional attempt to become sober and get rid of addiction, Bobby went on a trip around the United States alone. He lived off-road and ate wild berries in an effort to hush the deafening noise raging inside him. The silence and peace of the wild let him peep into his soul and find answers to all the burning questions that made him restless and brought on all sorts of negative dependencies. The trip was a turning point for him, where he not only became sober but discovered his true self for the first time in his life. He had found peace after a long time.


Once he got hold of his own life and regained his freedom after saying goodbye to drug addiction, he turned towards social media to help others defy the gloom of addiction and find happiness within. Today, Jonathan Bobby Opp is a social media influencer and a public figure inspiring others to move towards inner peace and happiness with meditation and kindness.

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