Simran Handa is Passionate, Creative, and An Inspiration for South Asian Women

South Asian women face various challenges at the hands of the patriarchal society. Simran Handa is an ambitious entrepreneur, who aims to inspire and motivate other South Asian women to go after their dreams and be unapologetic about them.

Simran has always been an enthusiastic student with exceptionally good grades. She graduated from one of the top-class fashion & luxury marketing universities in Europe. After her degree, she secured an excellent marketing job at an Italian jewelry brand that developed her skills in digital marketing. 

After a few years, she was offered a job in one of her dream luxury companies in her homeland and decided to come back for it. She started the job but soon realized it wasn’t the right fit due to the company’s toxic work environment. She knew she couldn’t pursue it any further and quit after 3 months. This was right before the pandemic and when the pandemic hit the world – she was left with no job prospects in sight. That is when Simran decided to pursue her dream of starting a business and never looked back.

Today as a social media strategist and coach, Simran Handa has helped multiple entrepreneurs globally in various niches to build authentic brands by leveraging their social media. Simran has also built an online community to support South-Asian women and their businesses. She is a fantastic soul who encourages other women to embrace their power through her online Instagram community

Now a business owner, Simran Handa has salient qualities like openness, transparency, accountability, and executive decision-making with unequal expertise. Moreover, she guides her peers with an open heart. Seeing her clients and community thrive makes her tremendously happy, and she acknowledges her qualities in the following way:

“I am a heart-based leader, nurturer, and guide. I care, I love, I give, and I serve my clients to the best of my abilities.” 

Simran, a strategist in mind and a coach at heart, provides a guideline to all ambitious women striving towards achieving their goals. Simran is helping women by spreading the message of positivity, self-love, and kindness and motivates them to voice their opinions, break suppressive stereotypes, and, most importantly, teach them how to deal with social manacles to become financially independent. She is contributing well to spreading enthusiasm among young South Asian women to achieve their goals by being an inspiration for many.