Should I cancel my cable TV service and get Netflix and Hulu?

We see that people are moving towards streaming services today more than ever, and Netflix and Hulu is the king of these services are getting the most out of it. Every other person who cuts their cord does think that ‘should I cancel my cable TV service and get Netflix and Hulu’? It is an understandable question.

We are aware that Hulu and Netflix might not always give us the same content as one might get on cable TV, but as they are affordable and do have an extensive movie and TV shows library make them a very convenient alternative for cable TV. If you want a streaming service to get you a cost-efficient way out of the cable TV connection, then you must make sure that you have a reliable internet service provider that goes easy on the pocket. Xfinity does come to mind when we talk about budget-friendly internet packages. You can always get in touch with Xfinity customer service and have yourself the best package sorted.

So, let us present an argument so that you can decide if after cutting your cord, you must go for either of the services and if or not they can save you some bucks or not.

Why get Hulu and Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription-based service that offers uninterrupted programming. Except for a few Netflix Original Series episodes and seasons that it offers. On the other hand for the existing TV programs, Netflix rarely offers up-to-date episodes.

Hulu offers both free and paid content. Current episodes are normally available within a day or two of airing, but many are only available through Hulu Plus or a cable subscription, of course.

The ad-free experience surely stays a plus for the streaming services as it is convenient for the viewers to watch whatever they want without any interruptions and at their own pace.

On both the streaming platforms; Netflix and Hulu, you can create a watch list, see a history of your previously seen content, and get reminders as well for the content that is coming soon and what will be leaving the platform soon.

What should be the streaming considerations?

Netflix and Hulu both offer thousands of episodes for no more than 15 bucks, but they don’t necessarily save you money. They won’t save you money, for example, if you keep watching new content on one or more premium cable channels. Furthermore, some internet service providers experience network congestion and delayed services, impose bandwidth limitations on their clients, or purposefully slow down streaming speeds. Slow speeds and increased Internet access charges can negate any savings achieved from Netflix and Hulu’s inexpensive membership prices if you watch a lot of television. Unless you plan to use the services only on a computer or mobile device, you will necessarily have to invest in a smart TV or streaming player if you don’t already have one.

Trial offers:

To see if either streaming video service can replace the cable, sign up for a free trial of each. You can watch Netflix for free for one month and Hulu Plus for a week to a month without paying for a membership, depending on the available promotion, though you will be asked to enter your credit card information. You can then compare their programming and end-of-trial pricing to your cable channel lineup, viewing patterns, and cable pricing.

You can make a list of the shows you now watch that aren’t available through the services, as well as any you’re willing to forego to save money. You can save even more money if you stick to just one subscription, so compare the Netflix programs to the paid ones available on Hulu.

Ready for switching the services?

When you’re ready, terminate your cable service and allow one or both trial periods to convert to paid subscriptions automatically. Consider using Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, or Google Play to watch shows that are not accessible to you on Netflix or Hulu. You can even eliminate your television cost by simply using free services. Such as connecting your TV to a digital antenna to receive local over-the-air networks. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to replace the cable entirely. By deleting unwanted services and channels and negotiating pricing with your provider, you can occasionally save money while keeping the channels you want. The internet providers also have discounts at several points that you can take complete advantage of.

Wrapping Up,

If you were considering that should you cancel cable TV service and get Netflix or Hulu instead then you can refer to the argument above to get some clarity regarding your requirements and limitations. It will help you make a rather informed decision. And the best decisions always take some time, the hasty ones can only get you in trouble.