Shocking Facts About Artist EyeMan Hits #1 on Itunes With His Single Zayn

A Canadian singer and rapper, EyeMan is well-known for his high-energy lyrics and spellbinding melodies that entice his audience, transporting them to a world of energy and heart. Did you know that his melodious songs rose as high as being ranked the #1 on iTunes? What’s more surprising is the drastic shift of popularity after the release of his latest song Zayn. Zayn has a literal meaning from ancient Egyptian and Arabic translations of beauty, grace, excellence, and King. 

The Birth of EyeMan’s Musical Talent

Right from his infancy, EyeMan was a music fanatic. The niche for music catalyzed his urge to pursue a career in the music industry. It came about after experiencing a live concert that ultimately moved his zeal to focus on music. Coming to limelight came roughly around the same time when his child-Zayn was born, Thus leading his release on the new song.


Besides Music, EyeMan launched his own brand UNGA. UNGA is a stylish and bold clothing/merchandise line. Unga is notably a house name due to its vast influence in donating to children’s hospitals in Montreal.

EyeMan’s Message To The World

Music is an escape from the strenuous pressure of day to day life. You can use music to spread positivity and awareness about the world. You can also cover stories about life events, obstacles, educational information, and create specific awareness through catchy lyrics and energetic beats.

Life is full of ups and downs. You are mostly going to encounter some challenges and awkward moments along the way; difficultness is not a form of breaking and pulling you down. Bottlenecks in life make you grow, learn, and persevere; in fact, it mostly leads to toughening individuals to “grow a thick skin.” Therefore, you need to learn from your failures, find solutions, and become more robust, aware, and grateful. We all need to have a positive mind to thrive in a negative environment.

The Secret To Success

  • Adaptability

Your starting point may not necessarily bring direct goal achievements. Along the way, You will have to adjust and finetune your ideas with a focus on achieving your goals. On the other hand, check out the current trends and match your output to fit within the target audience. As an artist, you need to keep up to pace with the current developments within the music industry. Have a current dominance in social media while improving the quality of information and communication tools. The world is changing at a rapid rate. The forces to morph your business multiple times is inevitable. You may start by narrowing down your vast ideas to specific ones and later improving on its quality and innovation to shield your business from facing out by the competitors. 

  • Hard-Work

 Get hands-on from the beginning and bit by bit walk your way upwards. The start point will require much sacrifice, both materially, emotionally, and psychologically. At times, you may need to stretch your schedules to meet the bare minimum and kickstart the journey. Craft your message in a catchy format to deliver your message your target audience

Maintain flexibility with everyone you are working within your projects. You will discover and tap into the gainful and valuable insights while mitigating risks associated with decision making. Music comes with fame, and within no time, you will trend everywhere. Learn that it never comes easy, and you have a responsibility to maintain at the top of the list. It would be essential to keep the communication network open in case of future engagements. Combining working hard and smart will eventually bear fruits and impact your surrounding community


In Conclusion

The old phrase that the food to the soul is music and also a cure to many emotional illnesses and relieves anxiety and depressing state. People listen to music with different intentions, to entertain themselves, rectify common ailments, listen to political messages, and so on. Therefore it is paramount to have discipline and maintain high integrity while dealing with your audience. You will keep them glued to your wall, but they will eventually create a support base for your future endeavors.


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