Shattering the Limiting Beliefs and Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Limitless Success Is the Thought Leader, Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

We are a product of our beliefs; we primarily accomplish what we believe we can because, with this belief in the background, we guide our utmost efforts to their culmination. Actions are only manifestations of beliefs. Success is determined by the personal thoughts, beliefs, words and actions of others. With this guiding principle, Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon transforms businesses by introducing a strategic blend of mindset, alignment and business growth strategy for today’s entrepreneur.

Born to drug addicted parents, Dr. Darnyelle had to start fighting gloom and despair right from the start, and the only solace came from her own beliefs and self-confidence. With the help of teachers and mentors, She was able to figure out the power of positivity. It is hard to break the generational cycle of limiting beliefs that comes from a household such as hers. She, however, did not succumb to the lack and chaos of her early life.

Instead, Dr. Darnyelle used her circumstances as a motivational force to constantly push herself to overcome the odds and shift her beliefs. From an early age, she learned how to navigate so that she wasn’t a victim of her circumstances. The constant effort toward her goals with an unwavering self-belief paved the way to a multi-million business for her.

Dr. Darnyelle’s business is all about shattering limiting beliefs and preparing entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. She transforms businesses by propagating a winning mindset and positive belief system along with teaching business growth strategy that gets consistent results. The owner of the Incredible One Enterprises, Dr.Darnyelle, supports and normalizes next-level wealth generation and legacy creation. If you are a 6 figure business with no money to leave for your coming generations, you are not doing it right, according to Dr. Darnyelle. Her business helps reset systems and tools for maximum output without the hustle and grind.

How does she do it, though? Changing beliefs alone won’t do the magic! This is where her famous ‘Move to Millions®️ Method’ comes in. It’s a collection of tools, strategies, systems and beliefs that helps entrepreneurs galvanize into fruitful action. It is worth noting that Dr. Darnyelle believes in holistic success only; if reaching 6 figures is all you are doing, even at the cost of mental peace and family time, you are not living your purpose.

Building systems that allow leisure and success simultaneously is the motto of the Incredible One Enterprises- a multi-brand business transformation company.

Dr. Darnyelle is not all about making money and creating a legacy; she is a highly motivational personality too. Her words give hope, uplift, and encourage one to think differently than the daily grind and ultimately toward maximizing one’s true potential. Behind her business transformation company is a noble idea- to leave the planet better than we found it. Her aim is to transform 6 figure entrepreneurs into 7 and  8 figure CEOs with happy employees at the helm- helping them to build companies that serve them financially and spiritually.