Serial Entrepreneur Dr. Steven Kaufman Loves Stress, and the Reason Will Inspire You

Real estate is frequently listed as one of the most stressful industries, making it particularly difficult for one to find a balance between personal and professional obligations.

Having a career in this industry can be stressful for a variety of reasons – some of which include unpredictable hours, fierce competition, and unclear pay. Dr. Steven Kaufman, a well-known businessman, and investor discusses how he manages work stress and how others might be able to turn their real estate careers from stressful to fulfilling to succeed.

Dr. Kaufman is currently the Chair of the Tiger 21 organization and is the force behind the Zeus Companies. He is a real estate expert specializing in strategic marketing management, organizational psychology, and investment techniques. He has received many acknowledgments for his work in the mortgage industry and consistently manages daily work stress along with his personal life – with its own struggles and challenges.

He shares his knowledge about the real-world problems faced by many realtors and people working in the real estate industry. These problems include a lack of understanding about technology, not keeping up with the market, and not being able to manage the stress of daily life – which consequently affects their mental health. Further, he adds that working in the real estate sector is extremely difficult, especially when dealing with a number of customers and helping them find a perfect commercial or residential space. In fact, those who are unable to maintain a work-life balance are more prone to stress than others.

Dr. Kaufman adds that he would always try to surround himself with people who are smarter and wealthier than him. He explains that real estate is a highly competitive industry, and to progress in this field, we must surround ourselves with people who are smarter, faster, stronger, and better than us. Working with smarter people helps you identify your own flaws, encourages you to work harder, and challenges you to perform better every day. Being around them assists you in understanding the nature of the workplace and developing a strong connection with coworkers. Dr. Kaufman believes that we often change our behaviors and values to earn the love and respect of the people around us.

Additionally, he discusses that working in a stressful environment can contribute to many problems, but if we take that stress as an opportunity to learn and grow, then we can succeed in every profession. The only thing that will change your life and change your business is that you must stress your friend and face every challenge in your life with confidence.

The fact that Dr. Kaufman has accepted the stress that comes along is the reason he enjoys it. Additionally, he thinks that altering people’s perceptions of stress is preferable and always results in healthier interventions.

Dr. Steven Kaufman always shares his life experiences with people so that they may learn a thing or two and advises them to follow in the future in order to be successful and accomplished entrepreneurs. You can also check out his personal Instagram @thestevenkaufman to learn a thing or two about navigating through stress in life and use it as motivation.