Saqib Malik – Working For The Racing And Equestrian Club in Qatar

Sports holds great importance on a global level. There have been many sports which have been popularized all over the world and many countries have pitted against each other to be the best in the particular sport. Qatar is now all set to promote the best sports personalities from the country. Entrepreneur Saqib Malik had recently joined the Racing and Equestrian Club in 2019 whose aim is to promote sports in the country and pick the best sports personalities who will represent on an international level. Saqib who is an excellent digital marketer is the member of the Public Relations department of the club.

The club has its long association with Frances Gallo since almost a decade. It is a huge achievement for Mr Malik and also a responsibility to boost the popularity of sports in the country. France has held several Grand Prix events for many years and now Qatar and France will have its strong ties together. While Qatar is the most advanced Arab state when we talk about human development, it is also opening its doors to set a benchmark for sports across the globe. Horse riding has been a popular traditional sport in Qatar and now Malik plans to promote contemporary sports in the country.

“It is a huge responsibility and I am already up for it”, says Saqib. His goal is to give the deserving sports personalities a platform and by building strong ties with the Qatar government, he will definitely bring out many names. “I am honoured to be a member of Public Relations of the Racing and Equestrian Club in Qatar. In these recent years, I have seen how sports has evolved on a global scale. Besides traditional sports like horse riding, Qatar is also evolving when it comes to western sports like basketball, football, swimming, golf and table tennis. Being a member of the club, I ensure to bring out the most talented and deserving sports personalities who will represent the nation”, he added.