How To Build an Unstoppable Brand And Generate More Profits With These Three PR Tactics From Rhonda Swan

Many people use public relations to build their brands. Having a PR plan or roadmap is essential, but having the right tactics determines the success of that strategy. The global PR market was worth $63.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $98 billion in 2022. This shows that enterprises are spending to establish and maintain brand reputation and credibility and maintain a positive public image of the business. Many businesses conduct PR campaigns even with little investment, yet that helps maintain a reputation for their brands amidst the competition. 

To succeed in PR, a set of skills and tactics can be applied with excellent results. 

About Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan, the CEO and founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency is helping businesses with brand visibility. She is an international speaker and an author who is helping clients with PR for their br ands’ visibility, credibility, and profitability.

In this article, Rhonda Swan outlines three tactics to get your PR strategy right. The tactics are practical and have been used to propel business and brand growth to profitability.  


  • Know your audience and plan appropriately 


Businesses wishing to have a better brand positioning must understand their audience. Many organizations will research to know and segment their audience. The reason is to be able to develop targeted PR content for their audience. By doing research, you will be able to establish the most appropriate channel to reach the audience. Besides, understanding the competition and the strategies they are using for PR may also be essential. 

Knowing your audience helps in the planning and execution of the PR plan. It also helps in determining avenues for brand positioning, such as channels and platforms that resonate with the audience. Through her agency, Unstoppable Branding, Rhonda Swan has assisted many enterprises throughout the globe to develop marketing and PR strategies. An essential component of the strategy is understanding the customer, brand, and competition. 


  • Content design and publications  


PR is about leveraging media channels to promote and cultivate the public perception of the brand. Imagine the PR effect a compelling content published in Forbes magazine would have for your business. Content for PR should be designed for enhanced brand reputation and engagement. It’s mainly about telling great stories, earning people’s attention and trust, and gaining publicity. 

PR is about content design, providing the right information that is authentic for the right audience in the right places. This information should be compelling enough to enhance brand reputation. PR professionals recommend that the right content elicit curiosity, relevance, urgency, value, or emotions. The way to package content matters. For example, an excellent PR content design is storytelling. Stories with keen human interest and topical subject. 

Authentic, humble beginnings, sense of community, humor, and human interest all have an automatic appeal. Content designing should have in mind the perspective of the public and media, what emotions the content will elicit, what will they gain, and the likely effect.   


  • Choice of media for your PR content 


Outlets to the PR content are as important as the content itself. Entrepreneurs wishing to succeed should carefully select the media outlet that works for them. Whether these media are owned, paid, or earned, the goal is to build a positive brand reputation. Entrepreneurs should target media platforms where they continuously engage and communicate with their audience at frequent intervals.

Research shows that 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase. Establishing an online presence is crucial for your PR. From having a website that provides a one-stop-shop of your brand to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the brand information should be visible to the customer. Trends show that YouTube is a good outlet for your video content. The how-to tips and demonstration are better presented in this media. Also, LinkedIn is suitable for professional services. The point is that businesses need to establish a robust online presence. 


Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to position and amplify their brands through tested PR practices. By focusing on targeted PR content and delivery through diverse channels, the brands are likely to retain their credibility and realize growth and profitability. 

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