Rewriting the Narrative around Sustainable Fashion; the World through the Lens of Carmen DeCharisse, Owner of DeCarmenAfrik

Slowly but surely, the world is changing for the better. This change is not brought about naturally but has resulted from numerous people working ethically and sustainably to help this world grow and achieve its true potential. Similarly, Carmen DeCharisse, a fashion influencer and owner of the DeCarmenAfrik fashion house is doing everything in her power to revolutionize the fashion industry and ensure sustainability.

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, Carmen has diverse roots, raised with southern values by a single parent. She never felt underprivileged her entire life, and her mother always provided for her and her brother without making them realize any ongoing financial issues. She feels very thankful and has fond memories of her family home and childhood, which she cherishes. Having every material and basic need met, she wanted to make these privileges available for those deprived of them and fulfill her dreams of traveling to Africa. So she moved to Lagos, Nigeria, to start her business and establish her bold and luxurious brand.


Carmen set the foundations of her fashion house, DeCarmenAfrik, in 2019. She wants to promote bold and feminine styles coupled with luxury to the world and show that luxury wear can also be made in Africa, not just in western and European countries. She also promotes and empowers women and the communities around her by hiring female seamstresses and sourcing fabric from local vendors. Carmen is proud to say that her fashion house is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and produces durable and unique clothing that can be worn repeatedly.

As a fashion designer, Carmen always wanted to create a brand that would make women feel empowered and proud when they wear her outfits. She regularly includes pieces depicting African culture and designs her casual and formal ready-to-wear dresses to showcase her heritage and style to the world. Carmen has yet to back away from any challenge, and she also makes efforts to do several philanthropic endeavors. She uses her boutique as a non-for-profit organization to help girls with basic food and clothing needs, educational tools, and feminine hygiene products.

Carmen wants to promote sustainability through her brand, and she does so by changing how she creates her designs. She wishes to expand to the western fashion industry and show people how a “killer wardrobe can be made without killing the planet.” She posts regularly on her Instagram to promote empowerment and responsibility and ensure the sustainability standards are met at her own fashion house through environmentally safe business practices.


Running a business while being mindful of our planet is something that all business owners should consider. Carmen has started a beautiful trend of reviving local communities with jobs and philanthropic activities. She empowers women from all backgrounds to look and feel beautiful inside out.

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