Revolutionizing Modern Marketing With Mitchell Conquer

Staying up to date with rapidly evolving technology in the e-commerce and marketing industries can be one of the most daunting tasks ever. Most companies are starting to outsource their marketing as a result of a drastic shift involving budgets and access, not to mention, time. Social media and digital advertising has become a full-time job as it is ever evolving and requires constant attention. 

“The thought that someone else is working harder than me is just something I can’t accept. Ever since I was a kid, I just felt different. The thought of settling for mediocrity scared me. Many people dream about living a life that they have always wanted but it takes hard work and dedication to achieve.” says Mitch Conquer. Mitch relates well with the same pressures of life, which go beyond just meeting the basic needs of creating a channel to generate wealth for his descendants. As a result, Mitchell developed a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. 


Who is Mitchell Conquer

Mitchell started by doing marketing for real estate investors. Along the way, he gathered an incredible amount of imperative life skills and real estate expertise and lessons that he started implementing in his business. After taking some valuable time to rebrand, Mitchell’s company Investor Social focused on dealing with high net worth individuals and companies who have similar goals of scaling. 

The company’s mission is to become one of the best business growth partners using innovative thinking, impeccable branding strategies, and incomparable digital knowledge and expertise to its advantage to become the number one high net worth marketing agency in the world.

Taking an approach of creating another division of its agency was one of the business’s most eye-opening factors. The move led to creating an automated system and hiring account managers to perform daily duties and execute lead generation and social growth for all its clients cutting across all sizes. 

Often businesses are caught up in the old-school marketing methods; people often have not yet adapted to the rapidly growing social media norm. A significant percentage of individuals lack the time and ability to devote to digital growth and resources for growth, such as PR.

The revolutionary aspects within the marketing department have created another twist to the average marketing concepts. The new changes involve additional marketing research analysts tasked with ensuring that all clients have been fed with the most relevant and essential factors within their industry. An aspect that will enable the clients to adapt to the current trends while staying relevant and developing a passion to become trendsetters while holding industry relevance and brand awareness in incredibly high regard. 


Mitchell advises on the need to arouse your passion and take advantage of creating a business around it. Focus on what niche your passion falls in and research how you can create a helpful business that will make you and your customers happy. 

Lastly, Mitchell notes on the need to be a step ahead of the competitors, work around the clock to innovate new concepts that will simplify all aspects affecting the business cycle while at the same time becoming adaptive and focus on the company’s target.