Rendoll By Reni Abina – The Unstoppable Nigerian Fashion Brand That Empowers Women With Bold and Exclusive Designs

Clothes are a potent expression of the self, inspiring you to tap into your inner strength and project it to the world. Slipping out of your cozy pajamas and into something gorgeous provides an instant dose of self-confidence and chases away any lingering blues. This is the ideology behind an in-house Attainable luxury women’s clothing brand known as Rendoll, founded by the ever-talented African fashion designer Reni Abina

Rendoll is a Nigerian brand that quickly earned global recognition soon after its creation in 2019. In the beginning, it allowed Reni to make pocket-friendly dresses that complemented her style the best. Gradually her dresses gained popularity in her friend circle, jump starting her career as a skilled designer. In no time, Rendoll became a leading brand in Nigeria, with features in numerous fashion magazines such as RADR Africa, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Instyle, and more.

For Reni, first impressions are crucial. Every piece of clothing she creates is designed to make a bold, head-turning statement that leaves a lasting impression. She believes that dressing well and according to your body type can give you a different kind of glow – it makes you feel powerful and unstoppable. That’s why she refuses to compromise on quality, striving to give each of her pieces a luxurious feel that makes women feel beautiful and be in their element.

The designs and prints that Reni uses are exclusive to her brand. She exudes her particular classy t aste in her clothing. She loves what she creates – this is the very reason she is the notable face of her brand. She models her clothes, giving  a personal touch by styling them according to her preferences. You will often find Reni rocking her statement pieces on Instagram, making her pieces sell like hotcakes.  

With Rendoll, Reni is on a mission to redefine the way women feel about themselves, one stunning piece of clothing at a time. Reni aspires to transform the fashion game of women everywhere, making Rendoll a household name globally.

Interested in transforming your closet? The luxury clothing brand has recently released its new chic collection. It is displayed on Rendoll’s official Instagram page for the loyal clientele and admirers to feast their eyes on and buy it before it’s all sold out. You can also visit her website to learn about local and international shipping.