Recovery Consultants by Shirley Wantland Aims to End the Stigma of Addiction and Assist Families in Crisis

Through compassionate care and innovation, Recovery Consultants offer hope and healing to people struggling with mental illness and addiction. They are situated in Sausalito, California, but provide services all around the country. Their unorthodox tactics are incredibly personalized and tailored to each individual and family’s unique dynamics. With Shirley Wantland as their co-founder and principal, there is plenty of hope for individuals and their families to heal without relapses.

People develop mental illnesses for a variety of reasons. Some are inherited or acquired. Some are caused by childhood trauma or excessive stress at school, job, or home, while others result from environmental injustice or violence. Sometimes we just don’t know. Whatever the cause, these are health issues similar to cancer, arthritis, or diabetes. So, why does society view those suffering from mental illnesses, especially substance abuse disorders, differently? Stigma is the answer. The actual concern, though, is how to put an end to it.


It is where Recovery Consultants come in. They take a different approach to rehabilitation because they feel there is more than one “correct” way to get to their desired goal. The path to restoration is as unique as each person’s tale. Finding the best route is what the experts at Recovery Consultants assist clients in doing since the best course is the one that works specifically for each unique individual. They impart their knowledge, valuable strategies, and reliable resources to support people on their way to long-term recovery.

Furthermore, they provide novel strategies that are highly individualized and tailored to the unique dynamics of each individual and family. Working with patients, they investigate traditional and cutting-edge resources, creating a rehabilitation environment that supports their road to long-term recovery. Above all, they focus on rebuilding and restoring hope within the individual and their family.

Addiction and mental health illnesses may wreak havoc on the entire family structure, so it’s critical that family members also receive the treatment they require to recover. Professionals at Recovery Consultants help the whole family, not just those seeking recovery. Every person and family is respected for where they are in their journey. There is no such thing as right/wrong or good/bad – only what works and what doesn’t.

Through Recovery Consultants, Shirley Wantland promotes her mission of de-stigmatizing recovery. She claims no shame, criticism, or stigma is associated with treatment or addiction. Addicts already make significant efforts when they open up about their problems, so providing them with the best possible assistance is necessary for recovery. She believes that fear begets fear and that love and compassion may make a massive difference in the lives of individuals and their families.


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