Rachel Cohen’s Unconventional Rise to Social Media Stardom

Social media has changed the game when it comes to connecting with others. You can share just a glimpse of your life, and suddenly people from all over the world are tuning in to see what you’re up to. Some people get lucky and attract many viewers, while others know how to target a specific audience and give them what they want. But sometimes, people gain attention on social media for reasons that are less logical and more whimsical, just like Rachel Cohen.

Rachel never imagined she would reach the success she has achieved today. She began by posting videos on various social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, that focused on her training regimen and everyday life as a newly divorced mother of three daughters. She was garnering attention with her fitness regime, but it was slow to pick up.

She didn’t go viral until she began uploading satirical food videos. One video showed her making spaghetti in an appealing way so her children would eat it. In the video, Rachel jokingly dumped some ketchup, whipped cream, peanut butter, caramel sauce, and sprinkles onto the pasta, pretending that it was her secret recipe for making her children eat it. She later clarified that it was a joke, but that didn’t stop the people from being outraged in the most hilarious of ways. One of the commenters went as far as calling her actions a “crime against food,” while another asked if people were honestly taking her videos seriously.

Once world-famous chef, Gordon Ramsey, watched the video and dubbed the concoction Spaghetti Nightmare, the video went globally viral. Rachel managed to garner over a hundred million views with just her first ten uploads and converted her TikTok to Instagram reels where the virality continued to grow. She has since gone live with Dane Cook, Aaron Carter, and several other household celebrity names.

The popularity was something she took advantage of when it came to her small business, One Bracelet at a Time. A platform where she promotes kindness, Rachel shares her idea by selling simple yet pretty silicon bracelets that help remind people to be kind to one another.

With the new followers she attained, she began to post other forms of content as well. Rachel’s content is not limited to just funny videos. She also posts content related to fitness, recipes, fashion, and everyday life. Her hilarious anecdotes are still a part of her uploads, such as the one where she uses whipped cream to help her children brush their teeth, but she also shares healthy and tasty recipes that look absolutely delicious. Excluding her videos with the caption ‘When your kids say….’, Rachel’s other recipes are edible and healthy.

As an inspiring individual with a unique perspective on life, Rachel has a knack for taking mundane objects and everyday situations and transforming them into something special. With a refreshing sense of humor, she inspires others to embrace their quirks and take bold chances.. Rachel reminds us that spreading kindness and laughter is the best medicine, and we can all benefit from a good joke or two.

To watch her hilarious outlook on life, visit her TikTok here.