Pros and Cons of Using Electric Cars for Your Business

Businesses that rely on cars to operate include fleet management services, delivery people, and taxi drivers. The type of car also has a big effect on certain aspects of these businesses. Whether you own a business that sells and delivers furniture, or you lease out cars to people, you need something reliable and sustainable. 

Electric cars are slowly becoming more popular for a variety of reasons, especially in the UK. Businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and buying electric cars because there are a lot of benefits to owning one. But there are also some cons to be aware of, so go through this list to make an informed decision.

Pro – Environmentally Friendly

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining a low carbon footprint to protect the environment. Businesses that use cars, whether for the business itself or its employees, need to be extra careful about the vehicles they use. Some mechanical ones use less fuel and release fewer toxins into the air, but there is still something being emitted. Electric cars are 100% emission-free so absolutely no damage is done to the environment. 

What’s more, is that you don’t need to use other fluids like antifreeze and oil so there is no harm done to the car either. No messy grease stains or potential oil leaks whatsoever. The only thing in an electric car that can cause problems, in the long run, is the battery. This only happens if you don’t maintain the vehicle well. If you replace the battery at the right time and charge it properly, you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals or gases floating in the air. 

Con – Long Charge Time

When you’re low on fuel you just go to the station to fill up. With electric cars, you have to wait for the battery to charge much as you do with your laptop and smartphone devices. You also have to be careful about not driving too fast too often. This lowers the battery life much quicker. The faster you go, the less time your battery will last. Now, when you’re in a rush to get a customer’s order delivered or drive people around, the last thing you need is to drive slowly because you want to conserve the battery. 

When you do have to charge the car, it could take most of the day if it has completely run out of juice. If you have access to a Level 3 or higher charger, it will take less time. It largely depends on the battery size, the model you bought, and the maximum charge rate that the station allows. A good idea may be to buy a few additional batteries. Then you can just swap it out and leave the other ones to charge. 

Pro – Easier to Maintain

When you first see the cost of buying an electric car you might have a shock. While they can be expensive initially, you will more than make up that money because electric cars don’t require as much maintenance. It is similar to solar-powered panels to power your home, i.e., a large investment up front, but you get a big return on investment. The most that you will have to pay after you buy electric cars for the business is a new battery, but that will only be after a few years. 

If you are apprehensive about utilising these new battery-operated vehicles for your business, then you might want to consider leasing one first to give it a test run. Some places allow you to lease electric cars for a few years at a discounted rate. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about leasing an electric car. Before you buy it, do some experiments to see how much easier it is to maintain than a gasoline engine, and how much money you will save on fuel and service costs. 

Con – Charging Stations

Because electric cars aren’t mainstream yet, there are limited charging stations. Your employees, as well as yourself, need to be sure of where they all are in case you get lost and have to drive a few hours to the nearest station. If there so happens to be other people charging their cars, you will wait even longer. You can pay extra to install some charging plugs at your business, but that will eventually cost much more in electricity.

Another factor is that the battery can be affected by the temperature. Too cold and it won’t charge as effectively. On a very hot day in the sun, the battery may overheat and stop working. There can’t even be too many stations available, because they cause a heavy strain on the power grid.

Electric cars may work for your business, but it depends on how much money you are willing to spend and what you plan to use the car for. They are nice quiet vehicles that can travel at high speeds but there is a lot to consider before you decide.