Power of Money Crystals

Do you want an abundance of money in your life and don’t know which money crystal can help you achieve that goal? This article is a great help for you in that regard.

The ancient cultures and people have greatly believed in the power of crystals. These money crystals are remarkable in their impact on bringing wealth, prosperity and peace in one’s life. With the right intentions and set goals, these crystals can match the energies of yours and help to transform your life in a great manner.

The believers see enormous change in their lives as they wear the one that matches their zodiac sign. You just have to be consistent in your goals and learn the right way to use these stones, these crystals can bring magic in line of achieving your goals.

The power of crystals

Crystals have been around for centuries under the study of humans. Astroligists study their relationship with the specific sun sign of a person and believe that they naturally carry the energy that is transmitted to the one who wears it with a specific purpose. While many are used in a general way, the crystal heads believe that certain crystals are especially suited for specific purposes and if worn with the right intention, they start manifesting their energy in the life of the person who wears it. Those specific purposes are related to one’s daily life problems such as protecting you from harmful and bad vibes, helping you drift off to sleep and attracting the cash into your wallet.

The owner and creative director of the Hoodwitch says that “crystals are the skeleton of the planet, working with them allows us to utilize the energy from the earth. Every crystal is different in its properties hence with the help of their knowledge they can be adjusted to our energies to take benefit out of them and manifest our goals. Crystal heads define that each sun sign carries natural affinity with certain crystals, minerals and stones. Aligning that energy with its counterparts can create magic and bring prosperity to one’s life.

For instance, the following crystals match the energies with the sun signs which are usually recommended to the people of this sign. Let’s check the mysterious yet interesting relationship between the two.

Aries: Carnelian

Aries are known for their vibrant and fairy personality which make them active in each situation. Aries people are courageous and feel high energy all the time which pushes them to initiate new projects. This bold and adventurous personality of theirs often gets them in trouble. Carnelian helps them sooth this prowess while assisting them to achieve their vigorous goals.

Taurus: Rose quartz

Taurus have a strong desire for social and corporate stability. They are graceful and diligent laborers and very sensitive with the matter of love. So, Rose quartz helps them open the doors for their love life and protect them from heartaches. Simply wearing rose quartz on the right occasions such as a date or facetime meeting can go perfect.

Gemini: Citrine

You will find Gemini people always cherishing their moments in a playful mood. They are intellectually curious personalities who always seem to be juggling a variety of passions, careers, hobbies and friends. They can talk to anyone about anything. Citrine goes with their energy and helps them increase their intelligence, enhance their memory and energy.

Cancer: Moonstone

They are stubborn and determined about their goals and possessive about their relationships. Due to this you will find them hard at first, but when you get to know them and understand they will be your friend for life. Due to this super intensity of emotions in them, they are easily exposed to anxiety where moonstone comes into play and sooth their erratic feelings. It also helps them to alleviate their inner tensions.

Leo: Tiger’s eye

Leo are born leaders having the qualities of being confident, creative, dramatic and extremely hard to resist. These qualities make them able to achieve anything they aspire to. Tiger’s eye helps them to reach their goal because it is a creativity and positivity opener. It helps them to achieve confidence, positivity and balance.

Virgo: Red Jasper

Virgos are humble, hard working and practical personalities. Being methodological and quick thinker, virgos remain stressed and tenses often. As their practical element of the personality demands, Red jasper brings clarity and practicality in their matters, and adds focus to hyper-organized and analytical virgos.

Libra: Lapis lazuli

They are known for being balanced, charming and beautiful. They love making things organized and aesthetic. They look for balance and remain self-indulgent and generous. Lapis lazuli helps them find that balance and encourages them to center themselves and never tip its scales.

Scorpio: Obsidian

Scorpio are extremely deep and emotional people who are always ready to do things they want to do. They are natural leaders because of their sensitive and intense nature. Obsidian matches the energy of  scorpio which serves to cleanse scorpio’s aura by enhancing water sign’s intuitive side.

Sagittarius: Turquoise

Sagittarius personalities are a combination of autonomy, empathy and intellect. They are smart, loyal, assertive and compassionate people who take good care of the people in their life. Turquoise proves to be ideal for enhancing luck. Together with sag, turquoise turns to be the perfect match for the sagittarius.

Capricorn: Jade

Generally ambitious, pragmatic and disciplined, Capricorn sometimes falls into pessimistic and stoic episodes. They are very ground to earth people while remaining very passionate about their dreams. Jade helps them bring fortune to them. It manifests abundance and prosperity and brings fame and wealth to capricorns.

Aquarius: Aquamarine

Aquarius are seen to be clever, self-reliant, advanced, optimistic and exceptional. They usually appear to resist classification. Some of the aquarius are active and enthusiastic while others seem to be calm and sensitive. Aquamarine helps aquarius to heal their physical and mental health.

Pisces: Amethyst

Pisces are the most sympathetic among the most zodiac sign personalities. They are gracious, emotionally sensitive and aware. To ensure the happiness of their people, they can go to every possibility. Also, they are imaginative and creative people. Amethyst helps them to bring spiritual strength and protects them from any negative vibes and helps boost their intuitions.

Powerful crystals to attract money

Everybody in the room strives in different ways to get an abundance of money into their wallets. Money is essential and in some cases the most important goal of people’s life. But despite putting a lot of effort into the way it just does not seem to be coming. Maybe there is a need to match your energies to the money crystals that will help to open the doors of fortune for you and will bring motivation and self-confidence that can eventually improve your can-do attitude.

Besides your zodiac sign’s crystal, these powerful crystals are specially attributed as a magnet that can attract an abundance of money for you with the proper use.


Citrine is possibly the most acquired crystal for attracting money. It is beautiful with its light yellow color that gives you a gentle inner feeling. It naturally raises the motivation hence speeding up the manifestation process. It activates solar plexus chakra.

While increasing your self-confidence, it reduces your self-doubt hence clearing your path for achieving greater opportunities coming in your way. In a practical sense, it enhances your focus on your goals that eventually lead you to success and a loaded wallet.

How to use Citrine?

Van Doren has suggested the following steps that can be done to use the Citrine in a proper way and get the intended advantage.

  • Find a quiet spot and take off your shoes so that your feet should make a connection with the ground.
  • Hold a piece of Citrine in your hand and imagine the particular goal from your wishlist or to-do list. Place that goal in a clear balloon that should hang a few feet in front of you.
  • Imagine that a flickering flame is emerging from your citrine that turns clear balloon into golden color
  • With a puff, blow the shimmering balloon away thinking that your dream is about to come true and you feel more confident about it.

The other way to use Citrine is by placing a piece of Citrine beside a wooden bowl or decorative piece in your feng shui corner of the house. As the two elements of feng shui that are associated with the abundance of wealth are water and wood, so this way it will emanate the energy attracting fortune into your life.


Pyrite is called poor’s gold. It works on the same line in one’s life. This valuable crystal is known to be attracting a greater abundance of wealth. One can take a piece of it in the pocket while going to an interview or striking a business deal, he won’t come out disappointed. It amplifies your intention towards success, sharpens your focus towards a greater goal and boosts the probability of achieving whatever you want.

The origin of the word pyrite comes from the Greek word “pyr” which means fire. It works with the same connotation and initiates the fire inside you towards your goals and fosters the unprecedented energy that leads you to achieve your dreams.

How to use Pyrite?

Van Doren suggests that Pyrite should be kept in front of yourself. The best place for that would be your front desk, maybe at the office. It will help you with creativity and flow by maintaining your focus.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is considered to be the stone of luck. It directs your attention towards your goals and commands its ability to manifest abundance. It turns your financial expectations into reality. Psychologically, this stone keeps you grounded to mother earth and supports you to make sensible financial decisions. This way you can’t be deceived at the business nor will you be manipulated when you have a piece of Tiger’s eye with you.

The Tiger’s eye, being the stone luck, opens the solar plexus chakra which strengthens your connection with your inner self. This way you feel more confident, determined and passionate about your goals. With this confidence you have to remind yourself that it’s only you who is going to make a difference in your life by not choosing the wrong options. The tiger’s eye will guide you to the right decisions.

How to use Tiger’s eye?

For the tiger’s eye to show the work you have to take a confident hold over it and remind  yourself that “for the law of attraction to work, we have to be clear, focused and grounded with our intentions”. You have to hold the piece of Tiger’s eye and have to constantly remind yourself of this golden rule.

Green Aventurine

This particular crystal is associated with the element of air. When you start wearing the Green Aventurine you will see the emergence of new energies in you that will reinforce your confidence and inspiration. It will make you realize that you are limitless in achieving your goals and the limits that restrict you to pursue your goals are self-imposed and can be broken with your confidence.

The Green Aventurine is also called gambler’s stone because of its attributes related to luck. If you are going to try your luck for a lottery or gambling, keep the stone in your left hand, if you are a right handed person.

How to use Green Aventurine?

In a normal setting, you can keep a piece of Green Aventurine at your workplace. Or you can combine it with Catrine which attracts an abundance of money. At the time when you are working, place a piece of green aventurine at the top of the dollar bill and create a grid of Catrine at the corners of the note. Make sure that the points are pointing at the center of the crystal.

Don’t forget to cleanse your Green Aventurine in the air time and again in order to remove any unwanted energies.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is famously known for its healing ability and magnifying strength. It helps you to manifest any intention you have regarding the dreams of your life but most importantly you can combine the Clear quartz with other money crystals such as Catrine and Green Aventurine to attract money.

How to use Clear quartz?

You have to mix your clear quartz’s elements with the other money crystals in the feng shui corner. These gemstones combined will emanate the energy that has to attract the abundance of wealth in your life.

You have to place your feng shui in the money corner of the house. In order to find which one is the money corner in the house, stand in front of one of the rooms facing inside the room, the one which is farthest is your money corner in the house. You can place the bucket in your money corner.

The other way is through meditation. This way the stone will guide you to the right path where your success lies. For this method, you have to find a place of calm and quiet, and hold your clear quartz in your hand imagining your desired goal in your find. You have to remain firm in your imagination. Now, you can project your intention on the Clear quartz, you will find the path dictated by the stone. Your affirmation in this process will let the energy of the clear quartz guide you to manifesting the money to you.

As the clear quartz is known for healing and manifesting the strength to you, it can boost your willpower and stamina to reach your goals. For that, soak the clear quartz in water for 30 minutes, you can drink the water after 30 minutes. The positive energy of the clear quartz will guide you to the right decisions to financial success.

Green Jade

Green Jade is widely known as a prosperity crystal. It is believed that the stone’s lucky charm lies in its ability to heal your heart chakra , the same belief that was held by the ancient Chinese. They also used to keep the stone under the belief that it abundantly attracts money for the one who wears it. They also believed that one of the attributes of the stone is that it opens up your heart for giving more which results eventually in receiving more. By giving they didn’t mean only money but it could be your attention, love and time which you can receive in return.

How to use the Green Jade?

You can kickstart the flow of money by wearing an anklet of Green Jade. You can also put it under your pillow or in a power grid in your bedroom which will manifest your dreams to you. You can literally dream of your money while you sleep. This way you will be guided to remember and understand the meaning of your dreams.

If you wear it around your neck, it will lie near your heart which will keep you in harmony with your inner self. This way you will be guided to make sensible decisions that will ensure clarity of thoughts about the financial management which is important in any way.

If you feel that your Green jade is getting weak, bury it underground all the night so that the accumulated negative energies may be eliminated from the stone.


Malachite is a transformation stone. It helps you transform your beliefs about money. For instance if you have self-limiting beliefs about money, you can wear the necklace so that this negative feeling goes away and you can feel limitlessly about the possibilities. When you have uneven financial patterns the Malachite can guide you to get you to the right way that will ensure productivity.

The stone also works on the heart chakra that means it helps you embrace life in what state it is and any change occurring that can disturb your financial situation. Malachite will help you remember that it is just a transforming phase which eventually will end.

How to use Malachite?

You can wear the necklace and bracelet of Malachite that will attract the money. You can also keep the piece in your purse that will be with you wherever you go. Once in a while bury it in the ground to resolve the negative energies.


Do you know Vedas define Emerald as a stone of good luck? Besides, it is also attributed as a crystal of wisdom and abundance. Ancient cultures have elevated the level of this beautiful stone as the “stone of successful love”, symbol of beauty, loyalty, inspiration and eternal life.

This green gemstone is highly valuable and holds great spiritual meaning. People who wear it experience a great positive change in their life. It enhances your inner strengths and abilities and makes you more confident.It works to harmonize your spiritual being by working on your heart chakra. It sharpends your intuitions, memory and creativity, hence making you more open to new challenges that lead you to success.

How to use it?

You can wear the necklace of Emerald while meditating to kickstart your flow of abundant money.  The other method is to hold the crystal in your dominant hand and strongly visualize your desired money and after that wear the crystal all the time to manifest the money in your life.

You have to rinse it or bury it often to remove the negative energies from the stone. And when you realize that the money manifestation needs a boost, you can use Emerald with other green stones that too are valuable for money abundance.


The roots of the name of this beautiful purple crystal are found in the Greek word amethystos. The crystal is famous for the spiritual soberness it provides to the one who wears it. Simply by looking at it will give you immediate peace of mind and coolness to your heart.

Amethyst is used in feng shui for attracting abundance. It helps you motivate you toward achieving your goals. You can place it in your workspace to increase productivity and abundance.

How to activate crystals for money?

You have to keep this in mind that whatever the stone suits with your zodiac sign and expected to match your personal energies, it is not going to work as standalone. You have to put your part of the energy too to start a vigorous relationship that will eventually workout for you. You have to combine practices like goal-setting, visualizing and positive thinking.

Secondly, set your short term and long term goals and remain firm about them. For instance, think about whether your salary has increased by 10% or you have bought a car etc. think of these goals as already achieved and keep on reminding yourself about these intentions. It is important to constantly remind yourself about your goals and pass on this determined energy to your stone.

This way when you activate your energies and remain focused on your goals, your crystal also recognizes this energy inside you can match with your energy and start manifesting its power in your life.

Keep on re-cleanse your crystals that keep the negative energies away from the stone and boost the money abundance in your life. This practice re-alive the energies of your stone which help in achieving your dear goals.

Crystal grid for money

Crystal grids are a group of crystals placed together to produce synergy by being combined with a family of different crystals. There are sacred geometric patterns that dictate the right placement of stones in a grid that amplify the energies of each other.

These beautiful patterns of palpable frequency and energetic vibration produce an environment of synergic feeling in that space that can transform your life.

In case you intend to create a crystal grid for your space, you can look into following guidelines to take a start.

Choose an Intention

The crystals that remain attached to your body catch your energy and start to know your personality. So if you are motivated, determined and positive about your goals, your crystal reinforces the healing energies for you. So before planning to create your crystal grid, you have to choose rightful intentions that will help your stones to sense your feelings and activate in the right direction.

Cleanse the space

As you have gathered your smudge sticks or some incense, you are ready to prepare the grid. But before that, clean your space that you have chosen that can be a table, shelf, desk or even floor. Make sure that your stones are also well cleaned.

Write your intentions clearly

Gather your thoughts on your intentions as you start writing them. Write all of your intentions in a very clear and precise manner. And remain focused and determined when you write them. Don’t let your mind wander in other thoughts and if it does, bring it back to your intention as you were writing them.

Choose your focal crystal

The focal crystal is the one which sits on top of your written intentions. It will take the center stage in your grid. You can choose one of any mentioned stones that sits with your financial goals.

Choose other crystals intuitively

For other crystals that fit with your financial goals, you can choose them when you see their energies connecting to your intuitions and place them in the grid where you find good. Make sure to place them in a way which strengthens their bond with each other.

Meditate on your intentions

This is the important part in making the crystal grid. Once you are done placing all of the crystals now you can feel this powerful energy on your emotions. Try to meditate over the grid for as long as you feel the need to. Try to remain focused and attentive and not let your mind entertain other thoughts in your head.


As all other things in nature are amazing and hold deep spiritual and physical impacts, crystal stones are also the remarkable gifts from nature that hold strong energetic frequencies that match with your personality. These valuable crystals are accepted as strong stones that have healing power and energies to bring enormous changes in one’s life if they are worn with the right signs and energies.

History guides us to the fact that these precious stones have remained a center of attention in people’s life. From Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians, the kings and queens placed enormous focus on stones and their impacts. People also placed great importance on the stones and their impacts on their life.

Crystals hold great healing power and energy that impact the life of the one who wears them. One has to make sure that they are in synergy with their zodiac sign. And with the right intention and determination, these stones can largely help one to increase their wealth and peace in their life.