Popular Freedom and Success Coach Carrie Drinkwine on Self-Mastery as a Key to Prosperity

Prosperity is what we all are working hard to bring into our lives. Though, only some are successful in doing so. Hard work & intent are well-known recipes for it though they do not yield the same results for everyone. There is a missing link here, and Carrie Drinkwine has figured it out.

A well-sought-after freedom and success coach, Carrie Drinkwine is an exemplary woman. She struggled with a tough life that challenged her on multiple levels, including her health, family, and finances. Though, Carrie realized something of great value during her struggles. Working on it, she was able to pull herself out of hardships and towards an extraordinary life.

Speaking of the missing link that hinders our path to a good life, Carrie realized it all comes down to self-mastery.  However, self-mastery can often be approached from a disciplinary standpoint that only a handful of individuals can actually stick to. Carrie truly cracked the code when she realized self-mastery begins with regulating your nervous system, mastering your emotional state and your mindset. In order to obtain and maintain a positive emotional state and a positive mindset, you must first regulate your nervous system and identify what is creating the negative or un-serving thought patterns that contribute to repeating old patterns. A healthy, regulated nervous system creates a healthy mind, and it is from that space that you can truly transform your vibration and your life. In her long battle against hardships, Carrie recognized that she was the major contributor to her circumstances. It was her frequency that was attracting problems to her. She had a nervous system that was living in a perpetual state of fight or flight, creating events that kept her in this stuck. The only way out was to match her frequency with her desire. Though, the question was, how to do it?


Every particle, atom, or body in any space vibrates at a specific frequency. This fact also applies to abstract concepts like wealth, health, happiness, sorrow, etc. Once you match the vibrations of your spirit with any of these, you attract and acquire them. That is the core of Carrie’s beliefs. To accomplish it, one has to reform and project a positive mindset toward the desire. That is self-mastery, and it drastically changed her life for the better.

As Carrie progressed in mastering herself, she started to notice the positive changes happening in her life. Slowly but surely, she was conquering all her adversities. Eventually, a transformed Carrie engaged women and noticed a need for more mentorship. It became her desire to serve women who needed assistance with transforming their lives. Turning it into her mission, she launched freedom-and-success coaching classes, developed courses, and started assisting women in uncovering the cellular imprints, energetic blocks, and generational patterns that keep them bound in their struggles.

Visualize your goals daily and ask yourself – what do I want, why do I want it, and what if I had it? These questions begin to lay the foundation for transformation.  The first two develop the connection to yourself and your desires; they help you focus your mind, whereas the last one helps you embrace and match the frequency of your desires. Talking about the results, Carrie has helped hundreds of people in mastering their mindset and transforming their lives successfully. Her client base is one of the happiest in the field.


Besides coaching, Carrie also successfully runs her Wise Wellness Clinic and Institute of Regenerative Health. She is a health expert, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur – an epitome of a strong, successful woman. LA Weekly has featured her as one of the top ten entrepreneurs to follow in 2023. This popularity is due to the success of her methods, hard work, and passion she has put into her practice.

Check the official website to learn more about Carrie Drinkwine and her upcoming programs and self-mastery formula.

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