PlayStar Casino review

PlayStar is a Swedish casino gaming brand that has continued to grow, and started in the US within New Jersey, before launching elsewhere in the United States.

If you look at a lot of the marketing material and information that has been released by the PlayStar company, you will see what a huge focus they have on the Asian markets, which makes sense, as the culture in a lot of Asian countries often includes gambling as part of social life. With a Swedish CEO and background, they are also big in Europe.

In this PlayStar Casino review, we’re explor ing what the company offers and whether it is a good idea to try out a PlayStar account and have a go at their slots and casino games.

About PlayStar

In spite of being owned by a foreign brand, there is a huge focus on PlayStar to grow across North America. As CEO Per Hellberg said in a recent interview, “PlayStar is a challenger online casino brand with a very clear mission – to deliver a player experience like no other.”

It started offering gaming in New Jersey and Pennsylvania first in the US and is continuing to spread in line with different licenses being granted in America.

PlayStar will offer 400 casino games (and this number is growing)

When you are wondering what a casino brand offers, one of the first questions you may have relates to the number of games you can play. PlayStar’s Mobile Casino offers an incredible 400 different games, with a variety of slots and jackpot games which might allow you to win big. Your net worth might not be up there with the likes of, say, Dolly Parton, but it is nice to know there is potential for mega winnings.

“When it comes to the type of online casino games offered, PlayStar will be very similar to the other brands in the market. Players want to be able to choose from the widest range of games and providers, so it is an absolute must that a casino provides this variety,” said CEO Per Hellberg.

The games will be accessible via PlayStar’s Mobile Casino, where they have standard table games including poker, Texas hold ‘em and roulette, as well as an incredible number of slots.

The “live casino” environment offered by the brand includes real interactions with croupiers and angled cameras that let you enjoy a more realistic playing experience.

There is also a live chat facility functioning 24/7. This is something not all casino brands offer, and it is a great way to ensure that you have the help you need if anything goes wrong.

Rollout throughout 2022

PlayStar isn’t available in a lot of locations currently. The company wasn’t started in the US and abiding by the US legislation when it comes to gambling can be tricky. Gambling laws, as well as sports betting laws, vary immensely from one state to the next, as each state’s government is responsible for setting the laws and legislation for their own state.

Over the course of the rest of 2022 and 2023, expect PlayStar to be available in more locations around the country. This is a casino with a difference, and they plan to take m ore of the market share if they possibly can. On top of that, gambling laws could be changing within the coming months and years, allowing other states to embrace PlayStar.

PlayStar bonuses

Like pretty much every casino brand out there, you can take advantage of some bonuses when you sign up for an account. If you are going to open a new account, make sure you consider what bonuses are available and take advantage of option such as free spins, or even matched deposits, that you might get if you open an account, increasing the money that you can gamble with when you make your first deposit.

PlayStar does change their bonuses from time to time, which is definitely something to consider, and the reason why we can’t share exactly what they are offering at the moment.


PlayStar has a lot to like, with a variety of payment options, fast withdrawals, bonuses and loads of games for people who love to play online slots to enjoy.

The US market for slot gaming is huge, and there are plenty of competing brands, but things like the live casino option and the massive number of games that are available mean that PlayStar is definitely one of the best casino brands to try in the coming months.