Planning to invest this year as a trader then connect to Trading expert Mickael Daussy

This year due to Pandemic, many are trying their hand in the stock market to earn something out of it. The demand for expert traders like Mickael Daussy is increasing day by day due to the surge of investors in the stock market.

But to make it big in this field is not easy; you need funds, time, temperament, knowledge to sustain in this volatile market of 2020.

Today trading has become very widespread worldwide since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We have seen lots of people taking an interest in this field from their home, and the ratio of investors has seen a significant upward rise in 2020 compared to 2019.


MKD Trading and MKD School founder and trading expert Mickael Daussy say he is getting messages from various parts of the world seeking help.

Today many are facing unemployment due to Pandemic, people are trying to recover their losses. Mickael says people don’t do such activities, but circumstances are attracting many in this lucrative field in 2020.

But trying to make a profit by purchasing and selling different companies over a short period can backfire, says Mickael Daussy financial expert.

“No one likes to hear from their friend that they’ve just doubled their money on Zoom and they didn’t,” said certified trading expert Mickael Daussy. You can’t predict things in the market and who makes such a mistake can face a significant loss.

You have to be useful in knowing the company’s background and current situation in 2020. Don’t gamble too much; it can backfire you. Mickael Daussy said this year’s “burst in trading” is due in part to the financial trouble many are facing in the U.S and other developed countries of Europe.

He recommends some investors set up an “opportunity portfolio,” 10% of their overall holdings. With that money, they can spend on individual companies. It reduces the fear of dropping out,” Mickael Daussy said. “And you check yourself from doing too much wrong.”


So if you are planning to enter the trading world then connect to MKD School first to learn some basics, then start investing with Mickael Daussy’s MKD Trading to earn something this year by using an online trading business.

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