Personal Coach and Author Pedro Bori Shares a Few Habits That Can Lead You to a Prosperous Lifestyle

We all have dreams and ambitions, but what is keeping you from fulfilling them? For many individuals, it’s actually quite a lot; financial troubles, self-doubt, low energy, the apparent scarcity of time, children’s or parents’ demands, inadequate knowledge or experience, or you have the impression that you are either too old or too young to pursue your dream. The story of Pedro Bori inspires us that while these are all valid, real-world concerns, they shouldn’t be the end of your creative goals. 


Pedro Bori is a psychology major Mexican author who wants to influence people through his writings and help them improve their lives and feel better about their problems. Bori’s own life is the epitome of struggling with the circumstances. During his writing journey, he fell multiple times, failed, and heard derogatory comments people made about his work or personality, but he stood up every time and kept working hard to reach his dream. 

Bori thinks that if you want to achieve your goals, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is highly essential. He donates platelets for Children’s hospitals, wakes up early, exercises regularly, and eats a healthy diet. Bori believes that every problem has a solution, and he can work on finding that solution by doing everything he can to help people. He also works with an NGO that assists children in recovering from the impact of violence in Mexico. One of Bori’s most powerful habits is believing that life is neutral, and it’s a person’s mindset that makes him see things as good or bad. 

Bori had a happening life that was full of ups and downs. Within the labyrinth of his life events, Bori found his way as a successful writer with three published books, a personal coach to train people to make their lives better, a game developer to fulfill his passion, and a social worker to help people in need. His goal is to publish 13 books and continue developing toys and games. In the longer run, Bori wishes to move to Africa to help Médecins sans frontières with their purpose.


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