Patrick Van Negri Makes Building a Personal Brand Easy; Here’s How

Being a social media influencer for more than three years and constantly creating high quality and meaningful content that adds tremendous value, Patrick Van Negri has built a massive personal brand around his name. And, with his enormous knowledge about everything that it all involves, he makes creating personal brands look like a breeze. 


So, how does he go about creating a personal brand? When we ask him, he has a lot to say about creating personal brands and things revolving around it. Let’s find out in detail how he does it so effortlessly.


Personal Brands – In Patrick’s Word’s


A personal brand is going to be your ID in the year 2020; the coming decade is going to be the digital decade as we slowly move into a digital era. Your brand is going to be your reputation, your salesperson, and your secretary all in one. It is going to be your track record, so better you present it in the best light and in the best possible way you can. You would need to ensure that you act in the present to shape up your future career. You will have to put in the effort and all the hard work today to create and build a strong personal brand. 



Your brand does not revolve around your business or a product, though it is built similarly – it is way more than that. It has more to do with your personality than with any product in particular. It involves your social profile, your influence on the masses and your followers, your passions, and what you do in particular to bring about a change and improvement in society. When you are successful in building your personal image as a brand that can influence masses – you become a personal brand who can mobilize and influence people to buy or not to buy something or to follow or not to follow a particular thing. That’s the potential of your personal brand.


Personal Brands are Influential – Here’s How


Like we mentioned, a personal brand has immense potential to influence. Your powerful potential brand has the power to make people do things. Your advice is valuable; your ideas spread like wildfire. You can make a difference in anybody’s life; you can inspire them, entertain them, or even instigate them if you want to. But the question is how to get to that level of influence and credibility when people listen to you?


The idea is to share things you are passionate about in a way that can help and touch lives like never before. For instance, if you are a fitness freak, share things that worked for you so that people benefit from it, take their questions, build a bond of trust around the content you post and then capitalize on the trust and the name you have created for yourself. Patrick talks about how he was passionate about many things such as fashion, skincare, fitness, communication, and psychology and how he kept posting ideas around these things that he believed could inspire people and add value to their lives. Make content that educates as well as entertains, and the essential part is to build and maintain personal connections with your followers. Patrick continues to state that many of his followers are like his best friends. This bond is how, according to him, can you build an influenti al personal brand on social media.



Patrick’s Practical Tips for Beginners


In an attempt to help and inspire the beginners, he has certain tips for anybody who wants to get started with building a personal brand:


Tip # 1: Remove the notion of I, Me, Myself from your life. There shall be no ego as you are doing this to become a tool for making others’ lives better.


Tip # 2: Do not do it just because you want to make a lot of money and everyone else is doing it. Do it if you think you can share your passions, your ideas, your opinions, and your knowledge for the greater good.


Tip # 3: Do not overthink about the outcomes. You might post content and keep thinking that it may not work. But you are nobody to decide, you give everything your best shot and let your audience decide on how you fared. 


Tip # 4: Do everything that you do, keeping your followers in mind. Communicate effectively with your followers to understand how they feel about particular content and how it is helping them. 


To conclude, being a social media influencer and building a personal brand around yourself is not impossible. Follow these suggestions and tips from the man himself and start building yourself as a Personal Brand today.