Participating in Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Petfluencers Agency Shows That Experience Makes the Difference

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and sharing them online is common with the rise of social media. Introducing Pearl Frazier, content creator – she provides pet owners with invaluable insights through her informative videos – and talent manager. She created the Petfluencers Agency, a platform aiming to match pet influencers with brands. The agency’s mission is to promote pet influencers and provide a community for them. 

Pearl grew up surrounded by animals and they were part of the family. However, in 2019, she decided to move away from the familiar family animals and explore a new animal territory. She adopted a cat and this decision would change her life forever. 


The cat inspired her to start pet based social media channels. She gained a dedicated following by posting regularly, and providing education to keep your pets healthy, and honestly reviewing animal targeted products. She has been posting regularly for 4 years on TikTok and Instagram, and more recently Facebook and Youtube.

This gave her the opportunity to collaborate with big brands, such as Petsmart, Acana, and Whisker. With time, she learned the art of negotiating better brand deals as to not be taken advantage of. It’s no secret that many influencers are being underpaid for brand deals, especially pet influencers.

Frustrated with the wrongdoings of these companies, Pearl started her talent representation agency, Petfluencers Agency, in July 2023. Her previous knowledge as a pet content creator and knowing what goes viral can help creators looking for campaign marketing connect with brands. The agency signed more than 10 pet influencers to the agency within the first month of starting. These influencer followings ranged from as small as 200k to as big as more than 4 million.

Pearl Frazier fosters a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep love for their furry companions. 

Her insights and advice on her experiences as a content creator provide knowledge and support for aspiring pet influencers. Pearl’s dedication to empowering through education and awareness is commendable. As we navigate the complexities of online posting, Pearl’s videos serve as a valuable resource, offering guidance, hope, and a sense of belonging to a community.


Pearl Frazier isn’t just a content creator; she’s a pet advocate, a champion for pets, and a guiding light for pet influencers. She doesn’t just educate; she empowers. If you want to grow your following and brand, take a look at Pearl Frazier’s example.