Pandemic and Digitization: Ashish Bansal Talks About The Transformation In The Digital Space Amid The Pandemic

The pandemic made the world come to a standstill with people quarantining indoors. But as work has to go on, companies and employees found different ways to continue with their jobs and services. It was obviously not possible across all the industries, but it is also a fact that people started using technology for good in places where we never thought it would be possible.

With such accelerated digital transformation, people have realized the need of having a digital presence. Not just in the times of crisis, but for years to come, the trend of digitization is here to stay. If you’re also someone who is looking out to boost their digital presence, then Ashish Bansal

is the person you should look out for. Being in this industry for years now, he specializes in reputation building and management.

Talking about the growing digital space, he says, “It is at its all time high. The workload has increased exponentially. Before this pandemic hit us, there were people who never imagined working remotely but all of it is happening now. Even the people, who have pinnacled in their careers, are now more concerned about their digital reputation. They want to have a presence on digital media to strengthen their base and widen their reach”

Ashish has had clients from all across the globe, ranging from different sectors including entertainment, politics and business. At a very young age, he started his own digital media agency called Born Social. Also, he never kept a niche as he never wanted to limit himself.

While the world is slowly turning towards recovery, the changes that have been brought upon in the past few months are more likely to stay. Going by how Ashish Bansal explains it – A person’s online reputation has become more important than ever because people are solely relying on their brand presence and online reviews

. We can only wait and watch to see what happens next in the future. But the digital world is going to be a big part of it, that is for sure.