Out Of Sharing Common Interests, a 8-Figure Company, Tuned in Tokyo, Was Born

The COVID recession impact is greater than the Great Recession of 2008, and the pandemic is not yet over. Most companies have been shut down, others have been declared bankrupt while others are being acquired. As this is happening, some companies have triumphed during the pandemic.

Recently, a California based company, Tuned in Tokyo LLC, announced to have made the best sales in half a year. The company made $10 million in sales for the first six months, and this is among the greatest they have done since 2015, the year it was founded.

According to research, more than half of businesses fail during the first five years of business. Tuned in Tokyo has outperformed the existing companies and is still showing that it has a long way to go as it delights in serving its customers with the utmost quality. The Automotive apparel brand has gained a stunning reputation that most companies have been admiring. On Instagram alone, Tuned in Tokyo have more than 1 million followers.


Japanese Domestic Market Culture

The owners, Brain Porter, and Frankie Quiroz have never derailed from the company’s mission and vision. The company’s mission statement – to continue developing products that embody the JDM culture and lifestyle – has been their focus. They also have a vision of bringing car enthusiasts together regardless of their car model or make.

Having built a strong social media presence, they are now making an effort to make another milestone, “We have decided to take the next step and expand our horizon with the release of a premium clothing line. We are creating this new streetwear apparel for our loyal fans, along with every car enthusiast around the world.” said one of the founders in an exclusive interview.


We are a community

Tuned in Tokyo is a community of car enthusiasts. Tuned in Tokyo comes into design apparel that suits the community, making them fashionable. “Tuned in Tokyo was designed for the car enthusiasts that love sharing the same vision and car goer lifestyle.” added on the owners of the established apparel brand.

They have remained united, just like the founders were united as they were creating the idea of Tuned in Tokyo. The group of friends was made of car enthusiasts. They were already making apparel, but when they found out that they all had a common interest in JDM Culture, they decided to make clothes for car enthusiasts. In that way, the 8-figure company was created.