Online Casino Focuses That Could Improve Gambling

In this day and age, everything seems to always be improving. There’s often a technological advancement that makes something work faster or a connection stronger and because of that, we see this constant movement forward. However, we think there are a few small advancements that are a little overdue for the online gambling industry. While there are quite a lot of options out there, we think the adoption of some or all of these changes could reshape the industry.

So let’s dive in and see just how the casino industry could improve its odds of success as we rapidly move into the future.

VR Sports Betting

There isn’t much that VR isn’t promising to improve but sports betting definitely seems to be one area that could gain the most. With VR, spectators could sit in a virtual stadium and watch the real event. That would be huge for events that predominantly take place in one country.  For example, someone in Australia could get involved in greyhound betting

, where one of the calendar’s biggest competitions, the English Greyhound Derby, is popular in Britain. Being able to virtually attend the event and place a bet on the best in the business, like the 12/1 Explosive Boy, would drive the popularity of the sport around the world

Greyhound/horse betting could especially be an attraction as events aren’t always the easiest to make it to for many fans. It’s one thing being able to watch on the television and get a feel for the atmosphere through a screen, but when you’re there with others from all over the world, the intensity will be through the roof – and all from the comfort of your own home. This could also encourage fans to buy season passes that could be taken advantage of from their home. It would be at a reduced rate to physical season passes, but would incentivise a purchase so much more as ease of access would be at an all-time high.

Smartwatch Options

As it stands, it would be a lie to say that there are no smartwatch options for online casinos, but we think the option needs a bit more exploration. Most casino games have a smartwatch variant, but it’s time to see smartwatch-only games made available. In the near future, we could even have smartwatches that allow verbal communication between players so they can have a back-and-forth during matches.

This would free up the hands and allow the action to feel more authentic. If the evolution progresses enough, we could even have holograms that project from the watch directly onto a table in front of us. Watches truly could be the future if we give them a chance to thrive.

Team One Esports” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Luringa

Focus More On eSports

Many people never thought eSports would hit the heights it has. Millions are on the line with some of the events and it’s a wonder there aren’t more eSports-themed titles out there to enjoy. By that, we mean there should be slots themed after Counter-Strike, venues that combine spectating and betting into one website, and there should be a bigger focus on the eSports industry as a whole. With it being the “golden age

” of eSports, it might be time more of a focus is given to this cash cow.

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