One Step at a Time

We say that the world we live in today is competitive but what about the people who lived before us? It may be difficult to always stay at the top of your game but isn’t that the case with everybody around us?

Just because we assume that our present life is the only difficult phase is actually a hoax. No matter where we are, we will always find blocks on our way so we can either choose to turn right round or master the courage to defeat and cross them.

Unfortunately, people have set such high standards of themselves that a mere setback makes them question their decisions. What we as humans should inculcate is the fact that in order to live life at its fullest, to savor every moment of strength and weakness; everybody needs to take only one step at a time.


Now let’s talk about a few tactics that will ensure our productivity with the peace of mind.

Never Overburden Yourself

If you are working or studying, problems are bound to occur. Therefore, you need to make yourself understand that biting off more than you can chew is never going to be fruitful. Not only will you be in trouble, but the pending tasks will be adversely impacted as well.

Just because you know how to do a thing does not mean that you should do it. Look for other ways and if you have the chance to authorize tasks to others then do so because division of labor will definitely lead to improved efficiency.

Alleviate the Stress

Each day has a new reason to be stressed on because stress is inevitable. No matter what occupation or age gender you belong to, big things or small, the seriousness of the situation may vary but the end result will only be the added pressure on your brain.

Let go of the things that can’t be controlled and work on what can bring about a change. The biggest things aren’t the only variables causing benefit, sometimes the small things stand tall against that one huge advantage.

Don’t Let the Target Out of Sight

Just because you are likely to work on how to keep the daily chorus low-key, never for once take this as a chance to give up on what you want to achieve. Keep hustling and working hard in silence and do not publicize every move you take.

When you keep the target in your mind, you are likely to actively work towards it and in order to attain a competitive advantage, the best you can do is perform better than what has already been done.

Learn from Your Failures

Making mistakes is a part of life and that shouldn’t deter your motivation to achieve the end goal. However, the best thing you can gain out of a failure is to learn something from it. The disappointment is due but a positive outlook will not only assist in having a heightened sense of productivity but will also push you to get right back on track.

Always ask yourself what went wrong and what you could’ve done to make it right, because this will alleviate the possibility of similar errors occurring in the near future and will also teach you the lesson of a lifetime.

Final Words of Advice

You can achieve success both ways, whether you rush towards it or take one step at a time, but if you choose the latter, you will probably live through the success for long because gradual growth is likely to last long.


Compete with yourself before you join the race against others because once you are able to handle your highs and lows, you will be ready to endure what life throws at you.

And lastly, even if the things are not going good for you, just know that you are still better than those who are not even trying.