Omar Wala – Changing The World Through Real Estate

Omar Wala is one of the upcoming names believed to be a future shark. All the work he has done and continues to do doesn’t just make him rich but also helps other people live a better life. Unlike most people who grow up in less than ideal circumstances, Omar chose to dwell on the positive and learn some ethical values that drive him to continue doing the excellent work he starts.

Omar Wala background

Omar Wala grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in a neighborhood that had gang violence, drugs, and prostitution daily. It has had enough to find a good role model or any ethical values in this community, but he was determined to do better. He attended St.Paul Community Christian School, a place where he learned about good morals and a higher spiritual being. Although there were times he doubted if he could be in a position to cause a positive impact in the world, he held to the hope od doing so one day. This gave Omar the strength to continue with his education.


Omar Wala industry

After graduating as valedictorian at st. Paul, Omar Wala, also graduated Cum Laude at the University. He is believed to have followed in his mother’s footsteps in that level since she was also valedictorian and Magna Cum Laude. Even though Omar is now a student at Harvard business school, the work he has done is undeniable. Though the construction company that his grandfather started, Omar has been able to build numerous cheap housing units to help those in need. The company that his mother is also part of continues to make more affordable housing units, with their latest project being the construction of the Ebenezer Plaza. This is expected to be one block with 306 units comprising of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and studio apartment units. This remains one of the projects Omar Wala is proud of even though he has had other successes in the real estate industry.

Personally, Omar has also started another project that is geared towards helping children in impoverished neighborhoods find a way out. Growing up, Omar looked up to sports personalities like Michael Jordan. This new project is meant to help other children looking up to athletes that realize that they can achieve similar goals to what those athletes have achieved. The organization is known as First Round Management and is an agency that represents talented and aspiring athletes in poor neighborhoods. The goal is to create stars that youth in poor neighborhoods can perceive as an inspiration.

Lessons learned from Omar Wala

One of the lessons we can learn from Omar Wala is that it is possible to rise above hardships and poverty through hard work, family values, and acknowledgment of a higher purpose. Omar has shown that it is possible to come from humble beginnings and create a substantial positive impact on others. Omar is also an inspiration to many young people, and he continues to show them that it is possible to achieve your dreams without losing your integrity.


Omar Wala continues to be driven by the desire to create a legacy that he and his daughter can be proud of, and it’s helping millions of others as well. He is undoubtedly one of the selfless entrepreneurs to look up to in this era.

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