Nichole Mangana’s Perseverance Helped Her Change Her Life

Undoubtedly, life is a rollercoaster filled with many ups and downs. How you trudge through the obstacles sets the course of the life you live ahead. This is precisely why the quality of perseverance plays a significant role; to overcome the unwelcomed barriers and blocks in life, you must persevere. Entrepreneur and hair stylist Nichole Magana is a testament to this fact. If she hadn’t stayed persistent in achieving her goals amidst the struggles, her life would not have been what it is today.

The American dream brings in a charm that everyone runs after, wishing to make it big in the land of opportunity. Chole’s parents were no different. They were both strangers in a foreign land, working tirelessly in and out each day so they could put food on the table. Despite Chole’s parents working tirelessly, often, the family had to spend days with no food, water, or electricity due to pending bills.

To find some semblance of normalcy in life, an eight-year-old Chole started a YouTube channel. “It was centered around emo makeup and clothing and me simply being a kid,” shares Chole. Initially, she got a lot of negative feedback, but Nichole didn’t pay much attention to it and continued on the YouTube journey, doing what she enjoyed, and eventually, the audience loved it. “I continued posting about my life on social media just being my authentic self and the people loved it,” she adds.

During college life, the finances were tight for Chole and her family. She started providing hairstyling services from her dorm room to pay for her tuition. The future is unpredictable, and little did Chole know that this would become her career later in life. When she started, the business had no clientele, and Chole spent many days wallowing in self-doubt. But she kept on going and did not succumb at first sight of adversity, knowing better and extraordinary things awaited her.

Chole believes that we have the power to shape our lives and fate, and that’s what she did as she moved forward. She refused to become a victim of her circumstances and focused entirely on her hairstyling and organic hair care product startup, along with taking a route toward content creation.

Hard work pays off, and Chole is a living testament to this. Today she is a successful hairstylist, founder of Crowned by Chole, and content creator with thousands of followers across her social media platforms.

Chole owes all these accomplishments to her determination and grit that didn’t allow her to give up. She hopes to inspire people with her story so they can traverse life’s difficulties and become their own boss.

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