Nexus Cellular Takes on iTEKT Mobile as its own Exclusive Distributor Making in Canada The Partnership One with Innovative Nano Protection Technology

Since phones are used all the time, they are subject to getting damaged easily. As such, there is always a great need to keep them protected. Coupled with the fact that the majority of modern smartphone users like the feel and look of a naked phone, and that these gadgets are fragile in nature, it is challenging to stay with a smartphone without scratching or cracking its screen. Even so, as phone technology keeps advancing, so do the repairs become more complicated and expensive. It is within the backdrop of this development that iTEKT designed its legendary liquid protection technology. iTEKT’s innovative technology is designed and formulated specially to protect smartphones and mobile device screens against scratches, bacteria, water spills, and dust. Since iTEKT introduced its protection solution, the company has seen an ever-growing number of clients lining up to lay their h

ands on it. Recently, phone accessory retail giant Nexus Cellular has now taken on iTEKT mobile as its exclusive distributor in Canada of innovative nano protection technology. 



Revolutionizing Phone Protection Technology in Canada

Nexus Cellular has, for a long time, established itself as a professional brand. At the core of the company’s core values is uncompromised quality and collaboration. Seeing that there is still a significant number of people not satisfied with the default phone protection technologies, Nexus Cellular collaborated with iTEKT mobile to offer customers what they are continually asking for—additional protection for their phones. 

Not only do these two companies follow the industry set standards, but they also join forces with international regulatory bodies. iTEKT’s technology, for instance, is lab tested and certified by ASTM International E2546 | ISO 14577. Nexus Cellular’s move was in keeping with their policy of only carrying from certified vendors and factories and carefully selecting their suppliers. 

Operating within such standards enables them to develop enhanced quality control measures and procedures to ensure our products are consistently leading the market. These two companies are working diligently to reshape the wireless industry as it is today. 



How iTEKT’s Nano Protection Technology Works

iTEKT’s iconic screen protection works by creating a thin sheet of glass on a phone’s screen. The protection layer is so thin (0.0004 mm) that you cannot see it with your naked eyes. iTEKT uses nanotechnology innovation to compress silicon dioxide (SiO2) at the molecular level such that it becomes one with the mobile device. This new layer is not only invisible to the naked eye but also undetectable by touch.

iTEKT’s liquid protection is available as a single or multiple-use application. The single-use option is meant for a single mobile device, while the multiple-use has enough of the liquid formula for several devices. You can use it to protect camera lenses, watches, tablets, or phones. The fact the Nexus Cellular takes its products through multiple levels of testing and quality control procedures to ensure that they are flawless points to iTEKT’s authenticity as a brand. 



How to Use iTEKT’s Liquid Nano Protection

The application process is simple and can be done in three steps. Anyone can follow through the easy steps to protect their phone from everyday damage risks. First, clean the surface of the mobile device using the cleaner and then wipe it dry. Spray on the iTEKT solution and spread it across the screen. After 5 minutes, wipe down the screen with a microfibre cloth, and your phone will be iTEKT protected. iTEKT’s Liquid Nano fully bonds within 24 hours, but devices can be

used after 5 minutes. Since it is made from natural ingredients, iTEKT’s mobile liquid protection is safe for the environment.

A new smartphone comes with a coating that wears down over time. Most coatings only last a few months. Applying liquid glass smooths over the rough spots that occur as you use your smartphone screen. By using iTEKT’s liquid protection technology, you not only increase the resistance of your phone but also save yourself the stress of spending on repairs and screen replacements.