New Professions in the Online Field: Trends and Market Analysis

Beginning in 2020, COVID-19 began to change the world around us. With the threat of health complications, mass infections, and even death at their doorsteps, employers around the world began the transition from an in-person workplace to a remote one. Thankfully, some progress has been made in the last two years, which has led to employers beginning to allow (or, in some cases, force) employees back into the workplace. However, “working from home” still seems to be the preferred option for many people; as such, many employers have been struggling to retain employees! If you’d rather skip the office altogether but want to build a solid career for yourself, here are five different professions worth considering in 2021 & beyond.

Online Dating Specialist

The term “Online dating” isn’t very specific—it can encompass everything from designing a simple logo for a dating site to creating complex algorithms for a matchmaking service. Fortunately, this lack of limitations makes online dating a highly profitable & sought-after niche for remote work in 2021; each site specializing in services for chatting with girls

needs a team behind the curtains! Since work is done via a computer, supporting online dating apps is a job that can be performed remotely from nearly anywhere (although the location of your employer can drastically affect your compensation). To be hired as an employee, new hires will likely need at least a bachelor’s degree in whatever position they aim to fill in. However, freelance content writers, designers, and programmers need only a solid portfolio to score well-paying gigs in this booming industry!

Digital Marketing

Businesses need customers to buy their products/services if they want to make a profit. Of course, to get customers, companies need to have a solid marketing plan in place: this is where digital marketers come in! Like the digital design, this job can be performed remotely, making it a perfect “work from home” career. The compensation varies widely (from $37k to $99k per year according to, as do the role requirements. However, digital marketers do enjoy complete job security! As the world continues its online transformation, digital marketers will no doubt become in higher demand.

Video Chat Support Specialists

With students and employees facing additional challenges every day, video chat platforms like Zoom have increased in popularity by offering the ability to meet remotely, saving valuable time in the process. Of course, the more users that join these platforms, the more issues will inevitably come up, which leads us to the next job on our list: video chat support specialists! These jobs are in high demand at the moment, although (since the platform of choice tends to change every few years) it’s impossible to predict how long these positions will last on a per-company level. The average salary of this position hovers around $54,00 per year, and the work can be performed remotely, making it perfect for someone who doesn’t want to leave their house. However, it’s not a good option for potential employees with a busy schedule, as video support specialists are always on-call!

Tech Developers & Testers

An extremely general field, tech development & testing includes everything from video conference software or SaaS development to beta testing a platform or video game! The main appeal of this field is a high level of job opportunity—there are more companies you can work for every day, allowing developers/testers to expand their resumes & work their way up the chain of command. Many positions can be performed remotely, although some select positions may require an in-person presence. Still, the world of tech development/testing is a great option for most younger workers in search of a challenging-yet-rewarding field that allows them to change the world around them.


Although the field of mathematics isn’t a new one, mathematicians are nonetheless extremely valuable to the world we live in today! Specializing in the organization, computation, and analysis of numbers, these gifted individuals are hired by companies for various purposes regarding their data. A mathematician’s scope of work could include robotics, medicine, astrology, investing, and even national security! While the name itself doesn’t sound very appealing, the actual potential this job brings far outweighs any preconceived negative connotations. Unfortunately, this is a job that you will need to invest some time in; although many positions can be performed remotely, the schooling required generally begins with a Master’s Degree. However, some entry-level jobs (such as federal jobs) will accept a Bachelor’s Degree as well.

As workers around the world resist and refuse to return to the office, it’s become obvious that the vast majority of employers will need to be willing to compromise (at least to a point) when it comes to remote & hybrid workplaces. Fortunately for employees whose employers have refused to compromise, there are plenty of opportunities to take matters into their own hands, starting with finding a new remote position! While the careers listed above all vary in their individual scopes of work & educational requirements, we hope they’ve given you an idea of which careers might be best for you.