Nevada Smashes Gaming Revenue Record for the Second Month in a Row with $1.24B in February

Gambling in Nevada saw massive financial success in the month of February. The reports cite a whopping $1.24bn that casinos in Nevada brought in, which is effectively an 11.15% year-on-year increase. At the same time, February also happens to be the 24th consecutive month in which both offline and online gambling in Nevada exceeded $1bn in revenue generated.


Following a short introduction about the state of gambling in Nevada, we will spill the details on additional numbers that might be of interest to you.

The State of Gambling in Nevada

To start off with our Nevada gambling overview, it’s important to note that the state has allowed various forms of gambling for almost a century. In general, Nevada gambling laws can be described as permissive, effectively paving the way for various sorts of gambling activities to be taking place, whether it be online or land-based, including sports betting, dice, table games, etc.


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The Numbers Come Straight From the Nevada Gaming Control Board

The all-time monthly record of $1.24bn speaks volumes about the popularity of gambling in Nevada, and the numbers come straight from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Las Vegas Strip was to thank for the lion’s share of the profits, bringing in $712.5m, an 18.9% year-on-year increase. At the same time, this is an important milestone for casinos in Nevada, because the all-time monthly record was broken for the second time in a row.

And the Regional Winner Is…

This time around, the crown goes to Clark County, with an impressive $1.08bn in revenue generated, a shining example of how far having an entrepreneurial mindset can take you. The revenue in Downtown Las Vegas was also up by a considerable margin (7.49% to be precise), totaling $74.3m. Other areas outside of Clark Country also contributed a total of $265.7m, but it’s somewhat of a drop compared to the same month last year (a 4.6% decrease).

It’s Not All Sunshine and Roses

In total, the Control Board monitors 20 submarkets. However, six of those experienced a year-on-year decrease in revenue for the month of February. This includes casinos in Nevada that are situated in the following regions:

– North Lake Tahoe

– South Lake Tahoe

– Reno

– Washoe County

A Senior Economic Analyst Shares His Views

It’s a known fact that entrepreneurship and economics go hand-in-hand. To understand one, it’s vital to understand at least the basic principles of another. With this in mind, Michael Lawton, the Control Board’s senior analyst, shared his views regarding gambling in Nevada and its financial success.

According to him, the 24-month streak of surpassing the $1bn mark in revenue has become the new normal, despite the economic uncertainty we simply have to live with. The only question is, can 217 of Clark County’s casinos maintain performing at such a high level? Note that, in February, 87.4% of the state’s total winnings came from Clark County indeed.

The Most Popular Game Genres

To get a better idea about the top-performing genres, here are some additional statistics. To the surprise of no one, slots managed to bring in $822.8m in February. Baccarat brought in $102.5m. As for sports betting in Nevada, the revenue brought in was $402.2 thanks to the combined efforts of mobile sportsbooks alone.

The Future of Gambling in Nevada

Although we are witnessing massive improvements in the volume of business travel this year, we have yet to see a full rebound. Given the fact that casinos in Nevada are already performing so well and there is still room for improvement, the future of gambling in the state is looking bright indeed. The only question is about the sustainability of it all. It could very well be that it will be reverting back to single digits in the not-so-distant future.



Everything considered, Nevada’s gambling industry is turning heads, and the record-breaking numbers speak for themselves. Whether a potential economic downturn or a possible recession might change it remains to be seen. For now, surpassing the $1bn mark in monthly revenue generated seems to be a continuing trend in the state and nothing suggests the gambling paradise will take a turn for the worse any time soon.