Need Help Getting Your Essay Started? Killer Papers Is A Reputable Service That Offers Essay Outlines, Proofreading, Tutoring, and Mor

Sometimes the most daunting task of an essay is where to begin. Students who need a paper written…sometimes ten pages or more, often get overwhelmed with how to get those first words on the page. Other times, students have a pretty good paper but need a fresh set of eyes on it to catch any grammatical or syntax errors that might have been missed. Killer Papers is a writing and tutoring service designed with the primary intention of helping students achieve their academic goals at an affordable price. 

How Can a Killer Papers Outline Help?

One of Killer Papers’ newest services is essay outlining, which provides a roadmap of the project that the student can use as a guide in creating a great essay. A common misconception is that people who use writing services are lazy or do not care enough to do the work themselves. The truth is, across the board, most customers are good students with busy lives, tough course loads, and part-time (or even full-time) jobs to juggle. Not only are the students who use Killer Papers not lazy, but they are actually hard-working young people who know that sometimes a helping hand is necessary to get a job done well. 

An essay outline does not simply “do the work for you,” but rather, it does just what it says: provides an outline, the bullet points that should be included in a thorough paper. With guidance and a bit of direction, the student can easily move from paragraph to paragraph, knowing what should be covered in each section, until they naturally find themselves at the finish line of the project.   

The owner of Killer Papers, KP, says, “Outlining helps prevent students from getting stuck, or even sidetracked when writing an essay.” KP started the company after seeing a need for it when he was in college himself and showed struggling classmates the importance of a good outline. “Sometimes,” he says, “a well-constructed outline made the difference in a passing and failing grade. That’s how important they are in the planning process.”

Tutoring at Killer Papers

Spark tutoring is great for students that genuinely want to learn the materials being covered in a course, but have some additional questions and concerns not addressed in class. 

The tutors (and writers) at Killer Papers are part of a stellar team of college graduates that have gone through a rigorous application process to be chosen from hundreds of applicants. The writers are top-notch and treat every project like it is their own. They are not merely cranking out work for a paycheck, but instead, striving to create trusting relationships with Killer Papers customers that will last for years. The tutors want to see the students succeed, not just skid by.

Proofreading Services

A lot of students take great pride in their work but need an extra set of eyes on the finished product to be certain the sentences are concise, the paragraphs flow from one to another, and that the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax are clean. Certain mistakes can be easily missed on a spell-check program. 

Our proofreaders are proficient at catching mistakes, along with helping students reword phrases and sentences to sound more natural. “Spell-check programs may be able to tell you if you need an “s” on a word, but they can’t fully comprehend the natural flow and rhythm of the English language, and how wording can be restructured to sound less robotic,” says KP.

A One-Stop Shop For Writing Services

We all need a little help once in a while. It is unfair to assume that everyone who utilizes writing services is a deadbeat. The over 14,000 customers using Killer Papers regularly are as diversified as the projects the team helps them ace. A few students admit to being procrastinators, or even slackers, but they represent the minority. The majority are “A” and “B” students with full course loads that just need a pinch-hitter to help them get the job done. In fact, the majority of Killer Papers’ customers are pretty direct in saying that they are good students and the reason they’re using this service is because they want to present their best work, not because they don’t care. 

“I was a struggling college student once upon a time, too,” says KP. “That’s why I started this company in the first place. I wanted to provide a life preserver to guys and girls that are grinding and care about their academic futures, but just need that occasional helping hand.”