My Failures Are What Makes Me a Stronger Individual- Jaylan Pina

One of the most certain things about life is that it is never consistent. It is not always perfect and happy but comprises lengthy periods of struggle, pain and lack of faith. Everybody who lives, goes through it. Your reactions to it is what sets you apart. 

If life throws sticks and stones at you, will you hide in your shell or would you face them, gather them together and use them to build your castle. It is the thought process that can help you get through times of distress. To believe that life will always be sweet and kind, is just wishful thinking. Life is meant to challenge you, push you and tame you. It is supposed to test your patience and your strengths. It is purely up to you to ace the challenges by facing them and learning from them, or just living through them. Either way, the hard times will pass, but what matters is how it changes you to be a stronger and a wiser person. 

Jaylan Pina is a popular blogger who lives by the strengths he has gained through failures. A young lad in the business, Jaylan is popularly known through his spouse Falynn Pina of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The couple has their own YouTube Channel also with the name ‘The Pina Crew’ which provides genuine insights of all that goes around their family. 

Jaylan hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, and was raised by his mom. As a single mother, she spent years struggling to provide her two children with the best lives possible. This struggle took her to relocate to Atlanta in 2005 and become a nurse. Jaylan graduated from Wheeler High School in 2017 and after working on different jobs and failing numerous times and achieving his goals, he decided to venture into the IT field which allows him stability and does not require him to work all the time. He has ample time to help out his wife to raise her sons, be a stay at home dad and also blog and expand his social media influence. Jaylan is a soft and gentle soul who has not just wooed Falynn, but also the viewers of their YouTube show. His instagram provides a peek into his soul, depicting his work, beliefs and views on life. There is so much his audience can learn from the wise words of Jaylan which he believes are all beautiful lessons from life and failures. 

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