Musician Usman Ashraf Shares How Music Transformed His Life

In life, you must tear down any barriers that are impeding your progress and, if necessary, shift your path in order to achieve your ultimate goal. That is Usman Ashraf’s remarkable story as a former medical student who transitioned his way into the music world. Usman’s love for music and passion for it has already made an impact in the industry. His self-made journey of effort and zeal serves as an example to all young artists who desire to pursue their passions.


Usman was a kid who was obsessed with musical instruments. His journey of making music started when he got a guitar as a present on his sixth birthday. In his head, he was already a musician at the age of six. He would spend every minute with the guitar after school. When other kids were playing outside, Usman was sitting in his room practicing new music. 

Inspired by his teenage idol Adam Levine, Usman practiced music even more in middle school. He also started working on his other skills required in the entertainment industry, and by the time high school ended, Usman had a dream of pursuing music as a career. However, life had some other plans for him, and he ended up in medical school to become a doctor. With his heart and soul in making music, he couldn’t survive more than a couple of years in medical school and quit to fulfill his dream. 

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