Music Content Creator Sean Wilson Inspires Musicians to Find Meaning, Purpose, and Joy in Playing Piano by Ear

As the founder, Jermaine Griggs from Hear & Play says, ‘One of the biggest myths of piano playing is that you don’t need to understand music to play by ear. You just play.’ It is indeed a myth; the truth is, the more you learn about music, the more equipped you are to play by ear.

Music content creator Sean Wilson has established himself as an independent music artist with 47k followers on IG and 72k subscribers on YouTube. He has spent years connecting and coaching his students and fans through tuneful scales, exotic chords, and fancy chord progressions. Pursuing a passion for music or piano is not easy and can take a lot of effort. Over the past few years, the music industry has revolutionized and has become more digital, and Sean is one of the talented individuals who have massively benefited from content marketing and educating his students online.


While many music teachers focus on teaching popular music, Sean teaches his students how to make music their lifelong companion by connecting it to ears, voice, and body through piano and ear training. While his goal is to teach aspiring musicians to play by ear, Sean essentially ascribes the “rules” of playing music by ear. This also means explaining the process of how playing the piano works, the steps they should take to start, the types of chords students need to memorize to play songs they love, what sounds are pleasing to the ear, and how to use that to create melodies and songs.

Speaking from experience, Sean has often explained that many people love to play by ear, but the only exposure they have to music is some sort of formal music training in schools. Most schools focus on reading sheet music, band, or choral performance. Their practice consists of learning the piece to be played. If a musician wants to transition to playing the piano by ear, they usually feel lost since formal training did not prepare them for how to practice and play creatively and improvise songs as an ear musician.

Ultimately, Sean aims to create well-rounded musicians. He is okay with reading music or taking a college-level music class. But eventually, the best musicians can play and improvise from the heart. Music is alive; it is more than formulas and rote memorization, so he is determined to teach musicians to tap into their creative, energetic, and emotional sides.


So whether you are looking for positivity, enlightenment, or soulful serenades, Sean Wilson is the man who can cater to all your desires and teach you the art of playing piano by ear. Keep tabs on his intriguing content by following him on Instagram and subscribing to his Youtube channel.