Motivational Speaker and Career Advisor Francesca Chang Inspires Her Clients to Live Their Dreams

The journey to the top is never linear; there are ups and downs, disappointments and failures. Those who persevere, persist, and tread the bumpy road to success without fear are the ones who reach their maximum potential and get to enjoy unmatched contentment and happiness. Francesca Chang, now a career advisor and motivational speaker, had to face immense challenges before discovering the right track for herself.

Feeling lost and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel is one of the worst feelings, and Francesca Chang knows that too well. She started with high hopes and lofty aims about helping the downtrodden as a law student. But, things began to change for the worse, as the stress from law school led to weight gain, hair loss, and even “phantom” kidney stones before she sat for the Bar exam. She quit Law altogether a mere three months after passing the bar exam. A journey to self-discovery was long overdue, and she decided to delay it no more. 

With tenacity and creativity, Francesca pivoted into several careers like recruitment, content writing, and business development. After learning new skills across a variety of industries, she eventually moved overseas to Taiwan, her father’s motherland.  Once again, she had to reinvent herself, this time in a new country where her career background was confusing to many. She pursued freelance writing for Taiwan’s tourism bureau, and eventually converted her writing skills into her own blog. She was traveling around, enjoying herself, and chronicling her lifestyle at “Attorney on a Journey“- a self-made blog that started to make her good money. Francesca was happy and thought that was her destiny, but the desire to help others was still simmering inside her.

The happy-go-lucky travel blogger’s life took another turn, and she started counseling those stuck in their career without hope or happiness. She realized the ostentatiously content workers were actually bored to death and were trotting along just to make ends meet. They needed help to maximize their potential and attain happiness – the most basic human right. With this realization, a new chapter opened in her life, and she became a career advisor. 

The incredible influencer and motivational speaker had magic in her words. She imbued her clients with a desire to live to their best and design their dreams according to their ambitions and inspirations and not the circumstances. Circumstances are nothing but mental barriers, and having tried her hand at six different careers and businesses, she knew very well that no barrier works when you really want something. Francesca’s clients get to enjoy honest, genuine, and a very unconventional type of career advice that’s centered on contentment and happiness and not on maintaining the status quo. 

Unlike other career advisors, Francesca is hardly focused on what her clients are doing in their lives; she aims at finding their innate potential and guides them to seek success by aligning their natural abilities and happiness with work. Her approach has paid off in marvelous ways. One of her clients, a videographer, became a NASA engineer with her help and moral support. She has helped lawyers who couldn’t take the stress or toxicity of the stifling profession start their business ventures and ace entrepreneurship. 

Francesca is full of energy now that she has discovered the right profession for herself, and she makes the wildest dreams of her clients come true with her positive energy and experience. More about her here.