Mosope Ogunjobi: A Luxury Influencer in the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Space

With 1 million followers on Instagram, Mosope Ogunjobi is a leading influencer who uses her creativity to inspire others. Her unique style and sophistication has helped her pursue fashion as a career, where she provides content for her followers, clients, and brands. 

Before pursuing fashion, Mosope worked with a number of blue chip firms in the financial industry for over a decade. Here her job was to work as a corporate governance professional where she would help senior members, such as executives and CEOs, in promoting good governance across each organization. During this time, she noticed that people around her admired her style. Whenever Mosope was on her way to work, all those she encountered on her route would compliment her and ask where she bought her outfits. Moreover, her friends too always praised her fashion skills and as a result, advised her to create a business out of her creativity. Therefore, Mosope opted to pursue fashion where she could use her skills over a variety of areas including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 


Mosope started out her journey as a personal shopper where she would select unique stylish pieces for her clients. She then began styling other influencers and along the way observed the potential benefits of being an influencer. Consequently, Mosope concluded that creating an engaging digital platform would be better for her as it would allow her to share her areas of interest with the world. Thus, she diverted her focus to becoming an influencer herself. 

Mosope created her digital family on Instagram under the title, “Style Necessity”, which initially was a personal shopping company for high street fashion. Now as a digital creator, her work in the luxury industry is scattered around food reviews, travel blogs, fashion, and beauty tips. Mosope is not only a hardworking influencer who is passionate about everything she does, but she is also one of the few underrepresented influencers in the luxury space. And despite the COVID pandemic causing lockdowns, she was able to build relationships with luxury brands and provide quality content to her growing followers. 


Even though Mosope has had a number of exciting opportunities and clients from personal shopping, working with influencers provoked her to look at the importance of actively engaging with a digital audience who follow you on a regular routine. With her creativity and enthusiasm for fashion, she wishes to create more representation in the luxury influencer space.