Mohsin Zahir; Successful and Young Entrepreneur

Achieving so much at a very young age is an idea that seems quite foreign to most people. But not in the case of Mohsin Zahir and he has proven that by his endless work and devotion. All of that hard work led him to become an entrepreneur at the very young age of 20. Mohsin Zahir is from Kharan and has made his name all over Pakistan. He moved from Kharan to Quetta at a very young age and since then has been continuously working to make a career. By far he has made a huge success that helps us understand that we should keep moving forward.  He is the co-founder of Rifikao Media which is an emerging Digital Media company. But no great story happen s without a little struggle. The same is the case with the Mohsin Zahir and just like everyone else he also faced a lot of hurdles.


How did he manage to cross all these hurdles at such a young age?

The hurdles you face during your path to success seem a little harder when you are younger. So being able to achieve success even at such an age shows how dedicated you are. That is exactly how Mohsin Zahir made all of this happen at such a young age. That enthusiasm and dedication are what every one of us needs when you want to achieve great things in life. No matter how many hurdles come in your way you should know that all of these efforts would be fruitful in the end. Mohsin Zahir’s goal was to do something special in life and that is what he achieved with his sheer dedication.

How Mohsin Zahir started out his business

Mohsin Zahir started his niche in marketing and now he has reached out to work in the digital video content as well. A lot of people all over the world are striving and making a lot of use of the digital video content and that is exactly what Mohsin Zahir is up to. His target audience is young people and he is making videos that would create interest among them. This may also aspire some other young people and may motivate them to take steps towards their own goals as well. Becoming an entrepreneur at such a young age Mohsin Zahir has proved it to the world that age is just a number and you can achieve your goals at any age.


What life of Mohsin Zahir teaches the young generation?

Life of Mohsin Zahir is such an inspiration for not only young people but people of every age. It is a known fact that looking up to him many people will try to follow his footsteps. And if you are able to show such dedication and persistence in your life you will be able to achieve your goals just like him too. There are many hurdles when you are moving forward but they shouldn’t be able to stop you from this.