Model & Dancer Vavicious Tigress Talks about Her Journey of Becoming an Influencer

Opting for unconventional career choices might look challenging on the outlook, but a famous model and dancer, Vavicious Tigress, is proving all the stereotypes false with her bold and beautiful persona.

An unapologetic style and dance icon, the social media sensation has been creating a frenzy with her active presence on TikTok. Banking on her popularity, Vavicious Tigress, who aims to become a top model, actress, and dancer, delved into the unknown waters of business and has been excelling there too.

The inspiring journey of Vavicious Tigress, a plus-size model, reveals the troubles and difficulties she had to face and continues to battle with her unparalleled charm, wit, and intelligence. The successful model and a social media influencer have been justifying her name as she continues to indulge in a new endeavor – the most recent being her introduction to the business world where she sells sex toys, fashion products, and a variety of skin products.

A firm believer that all sizes are perfect and everyone deserves the best; life was never a bed of roses for Vavicious Tigress. Long before her professional career soared and she cemented her position as a social media influence, her personal life was filled with trials and tribulations.

However, Vavicious Tigress refused to bow down or let any obstacle hamper her growth. The Internet became her haven, and she began creating content that led to attracting admirers. She instantly caught her follower’s eye due to her exceptional dancing skills, beautiful looks, and confident persona. Her message was about body positivity and making people confident about themselves. 

Her TikTok following quickly grew, and it wasn’t long before popular clothing brands noticed the dancing queen, and her modeling career soared. Now, she has various other ventures in the pipeline. Currently, she has stepped into the selling of sex toys and skin products. She is growing the business but targeting exclusive clients who wish to revolutionize how pleasure is perceived.


Today, Vavicious Tigress has more than 170,000 Tik Tok followers who love her content, and she influences many people to love themselves. Her work is centered on body positivity, dance videos, and emphasizing the importance of loving oneself and others regardless of looks. Not afraid of dreaming big, the talent powerhouse aspires to be an ambassador for big brands like Chanel or Gucci. She wishes to be an actress and travel the world.

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