Meet Trevoy Pointer – Thriving Mindset Mentor and Entrepreneur

Beyond the contemporary riches, the charm of generational wealth and mastery of mindset has an unparalleled charm. While a legion of inspirational books is searched and read on a daily basis, there are only a handful of audiences who actually absorb and implement their content and propel themselves to unprecedented fame and success. Trevoy Pointer is an entrepreneur and consultant by profession. However, he is someone who is transforming lives as he helps fathers and father-figures create immediate wealth for their families, and aids people in mastering their personal paths.

Hailing from an African American neighborhood, Oak Cliff Texas, Trevoy’s parents separated when he was six and he lived with his mother thereafter. His mother was able to make ends meet with an adequate lifestyle and provided the best she could. Initially, Trevoy’s goal was to play sports and he soon discovered his shining streak in basketball after some hiccups.

Trevoy kept on improving as he learned from the best coaches mentor and entrepreneur alongside incredible players. Eventually, he earned a scholarship to go play in New York City. A roller coaster of eight years that were his high school and college times, won him a ton of accolades and accomplishments, including personal development.

After graduating college, the next step was to play basketball overseas. However, the lack of guidance left him clueless. One of the major motivating factors behind Trevoy’s forthcoming venture is to place talent within professional reach at the right time. Despite being multi-talented and having qualities to be an entrepreneur, he suffered from lack of guidance which hindered him from accessing the window of opportunities.

Between the ages of 22 and 23, Trevoy lived the American Dream but he was a changed man by 24. Quitting the lap of luxuries, he started learning about the world, business and entrepreneurship, and there was no turning back for him. His unwavering determination was commendable and that led him to make sure his following generations never had to walk the world in chaos and confusion.

Followed by a myriad of successes and failures, Trevoy Pointer was unstoppable as he unlocked milestones and dabbled in diverse businesses. From taking the plunge into a music management deal with Roc Nation to locking deals with Bud LIght, Mountain Dew, and other international brands, the road of success was up and about for Trevoy as he accomplished the hustle with calculated risks intelligently.

Never one to shy away from his setbacks, Trevoy deems his biggest failure was launching a watch brand that he had to shut down within 3 weeks. While the brand generated $10,000 in a weekend, poor planning led him to cease the business.

By 2021, the now thriving life insurance agent and loan officer has slowly carved a niche in his vicinity, as he has helped families secure $750,000 in life insurance. He is a staunch believer that if he can empower individuals to start making better decisions for themselves, he can also impact people’s lives. Trevoy utilizes personal finance and mindset mastery as an opportunity to empower people, and that’s what gives him a competitive advantage.

Let’s not forget that all is well that ends well. Today, Trevoy is a proud father, licensed financial professional, business owner, and entrepreneur. Adding jewels to his crown one after another, he has launched businesses in apparel, wrote a book and plans to start his next one by the Fall of 2022. For him, the sky is truly the limit.