Meet Taylor Parrino: A Luxury Real Estate Agent Based in Miami

Based in Miami, Florida, Taylor Parrino loves following her dream of helping others find the home of their dreams. Ever since she was a child, she loved helping out other people and was always  initiating new ideas. Thus, with this pure passion, Taylor started her entrepreneurial journey where she seeks to help other people in finding a joyous place to raise a family and a comfortable place to rest their heads each night. Her goal is simple: to be honest and genuine with everyone she comes in contact with so that she can operate her business with the highest degree of integrity.  


Taylor’s primary focus is on helping her clients purchase and sell luxury waterfront properties and condos in South Florida. Her work expands to a huge area, covering Aventura, West Palm Beach, Pembroke Pines, Ormond Beach, Hollywood, Indian Creek, and many more areas. Thus, as a real estate professional, she strives to deliver world class service and eventually build long lasting relationships with everyone she meets on her journey. 

Since Taylor was born and raised in New Jersey, she was surrounded by an ideal location. On the East side, she had beautiful beaches. And on the West side, she had gorgeous farmlands. Both 10 minutes away from her house. Thus, in Taylor’s words, she grew up in a “perfect little world”. 

As she was exposed to a beautiful location since she was a child, Taylor was in love with the idea of having the “perfect home”. As a result, to build upon her dream and help others achieve the same, she decided to start her career as a real estate agent. Therefore, after graduating from Arizona State University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership and a GPA of 3.9, Taylor went on to pursue her dream. Consequently, she obtained her NJ Real Estate License in 2013 and is now a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida, which she chose over all other locations because after experiencing all other seasons while growing up, she felt that this is the place she loved the most. 


In a nutshell, Taylor does everything in her power to satisfy her clients. If they are looking to purchase a house, she goes over every extent to help them find their dream home. And as for helping sellers sell, she considers selling their home is her top priority, and thus again goes above and beyond to help them out. As a result, today, Taylor is a well known luxury real estate agent, who is on her way to further build her business!