Meet Steve Sidd, a Hospitality Consultant on a Mission to Make His Staff One Big Family

A successful hospitality consultant makes each customer feel valued and at home because they take care of every one of them and value personal contact with them. Similar is the example of Steve Sidd, a worldwide hospitality entrepreneur with decades of experience in hospitality management, project management, and consulting experience.

As a hospitality consultant, he loves to learn from the experiences that have helped his businesses thrive. His happy clients range from a major hotel group in Singapore to a single Taverna on a Greek island. He demonstrates the same warmth and generosity to his customers that he would when hosting a close friend in his home. It’s about showing kindness, and friendship, while making everyone you interact with feel welcome and appreciated.


As a young child, Steve’s mates would go surfing on the weekends, but he just wanted to be in his Dad’s kitchen, watching and learning. The excitement of people working in a kitchen felt like home to Steve and shaped him into a thriving hospitality entrepreneur, currently operating 26 dining concepts, over 40 event spaces, and employing more than 350 people.

Steve also showed people that hospitality is about trusting and empowering staff. The 350+ people Steve has employed feel jazzed about coming to work; they feel motivated, enthusiastic, confident, proud, and at peace with the choice to work with him. He invests in his staff like family and offers all his staff shares in the business after a year. I invest in them, they invest in me, and we all grow together,”  shares Steve.

Being in the business of serving people, Steve believes that he has so many opportunities each day to touch lives in more ways than one can imagine, and with that privilege comes great responsibility. He upholds the highest standards of hospitality to his customers in the true sense.

Steve thinks the future of hospitality is transversal, continuously growing due to global movements, industries, and consumer attitudes, with no indication of slowing down any time soon. Thus, he has raised the bar in hospitality and improved customer service in the industry in Australia to ensure that it is seen as a career choice across the nation. He advises people who want to pursue this career to inculcate in themselves these attributes to flourish – patience, knowledge, skill, dedication, and perseverance. He stands by these attributes and firmly believes that if a person lacks even one of these, they are bound to lose.

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