Meet Shehera Mocellin – A Spiritual Healer Helping People Align Their Mind, Body, and Spirit

Since starting her career as a transformational coach, Shehera Mocellin has been invoking a spiritual impulse within all her clients. She believes true transformation can only be achieved if one successfully connects with the divinity residing within them. Her devotion to helping others achieve this connection is a reflection of her journey through the spiritual realm. Having faced the repercussions of her neglect towards her mind and spirit, Shehera set out on a journey to discover her bliss.


There were many instances in Shehera’s life when she felt overwhelmed with despair and flint desolation. This was until she realized that these feelings were an outcome of her indifference toward her desires. Henceforth, Shehera decided to let go of all the things she believed were responsible for her emotional and physical distress. She utilized her discoveries to help others heal from their traumatic life experiences and soon, Shehera launched a healing center known as “Anahata Holistic Healing.”

The idea behind Shehera’s business venture was to help people unearth their innate capabilities. She believes every person has a healer within themselves; hence, to her, inner peace can only be achieved by working on your mind and spirit.

Through her metamorphic healing programs, Shehera is helping people decipher their innermost feelings. Her holistic approach, followed by her expertise in yoga, meditation, and energetic healing, has helped her achieve distinguished success within the industry.

What sets Shehera apart from others is the connection she develops with each one of her clients. Not only does she acknowledge their emotions, experiences, and sensitivities, but also directs these feelings toward achieving positive outcomes. Shehera wants all her clients to be representatives of what can be achieved through spiritual productivity.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest that Shehera has not only helped people discover their true potential but has helped them build a healthy relationship with themselves and their desires. Her years of experience from daily spiritual practices combined with ten years of education make Shehera the true embodiment of wisdom and soul healing.


If you wish to discover your inner potential and liberate yourself from the shackles of self-doubt, feel free to connect with Shehera by clicking on the following link.