Meet Samantha Jones, the Founder of the Luxury Sustainable Swimwear Company Beau Swim

“Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.”

When entrepreneurs aim to provide solutions as conscious agents of change, they earn not just money but respect and admiration. Samantha Jones is a 26-year-old entrepreneur and fashion designer from Boston, Massacheuttus. Her luxury swimwear company Beau Swim is making waves in the fashion industry for its classy designs and its role in ensuring a more sustainable future.

A designer by passion, Samantha founded the company in 2021. Beau Swim has become a recognizable name in the short span of a year. They showcased their ethically made, sustainable, and exquisite products at the Miami Swim Week 2021. In May of 2022, Bea Swim enchanted the audience at the

Monaco Swim Week x Formula 1 Grand Prix Event in Monaco, France. Again, they are invitees to showcase their highly anticipated range of products at the Miami Swim Week 2022.

Samantha’s parents loved her and her sister and encouraged them to pursue their interests. As a result, Samantha knew from an early age that fashion was her passion. She was fortunate to attend a high school that offered fashion and sewing classes. Later, she flew across the country to Los Angeles. At the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in DTLA, Samantha studied Merchandising Product Development and received a BS in Business Management.

Dreaming about owning a clothing brand, Samantha never thought it possible for someone like her until her education helped her develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. After that, Samantha aspired to manifest a lifestyle for herself of doing what she loved and working on her schedule. She shares that being an entrepreneur is all about learning and failing multiple times until finally getting it right. Samantha continues learning every day.

Samantha explains that entrepreneurs wear many hats and play different roles. They can learn what they love and hire people to do other things. A successful entrepreneur understands the significance of being in love with their work. Besides her passion for fashion designing, Samantha is committed to helping the environment. At Beau Swim, they use ECONYL, a fabric made from ocean waste/plastic. What sets Beau Swim apart from the competition is that they’re a sustainable luxury brand with top-notch customer service.


Beau Swim makes shopping more accessible and more affordable. Samantha aims to expand the company and get their products into more boutiques. An exclusive Beau Swim store is also a part of her plan. As Beau Swim expands globally, she would love to venture into sleep/loungewear, body oils, and sunscreens. Samantha says, “I would love for people worldwide to know what Beau Swim is and want to shop with us!”