Meet Sali Osman, the Cyber Executive Who Leveraged Digital Disruption to Fulfill ESG Objectives

In the words of the famous French Sociologist Jean Baudrillard, we live in an age with more information and less meaning. It is the fast-diminishing meaning that contemporary technology and business model theories aim at addressing: how to impede the pace of social and environmental catastrophe. This is when responsible and passionate thinkers, strategists, and advocates take center stage. In the same vein, Cyber Security Executive, Privacy Advisor, and ESG Strategist, Sali Osman is making great strides in the digital space through her commitment to equality, environmental sustainability, and cybernetics.

With over two decades of experience across various niches and industries, including oil, gas, finance, consumer goods, and the like, Osman has observed the recent changes that have gripped the world. She believes that implementing policies that consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics and strategies is imperative to a company’s growth and sustainability because sustainability is a long-term goal; with results scattered across years and even decades, such plans also come laden with risks and management challenges. That is why Osman encourages a swift turn to the digital resources available.

Osman has employed a mixed approach in her capacity as a Chief Security Executive and board member for private and public companies, organizations, and bodies. She excels at translating the risks of the digital transition into everyday business diction. She has worked for internationally recognized organizations like GE and Saudi Aramco, as well as the US Federal Government and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Previously, she was an AWS Principal Security Advisor in the Global Practice providing expert counsel with Global and Strategic Accounts.

In addition, she empowers the youth to take an active interest in cybernetics, coding, and other branches of cyberspace because she believes that with the strategic inclusion of diverse groups into the digital space, sustainability models can work more consistently. Part of her mission to educate the youth is the Cyberlympic Program. Every year, hackers and computer enthusiasts compete in the Cyberlympics. Osman advises the competitors on how to use their hacking abilities ethically to succeed while serving on the advisory board of the Cyberlympics. She thinks that students and other young enthusiasts can serve their countries in an era of cyberwarfare and other forms of warfare if there were greater standards and restrictions.

Osman also gives her skills to several social enterprises and social impact projects that transform lives and strengthen communities. Her passion project is Nubian Village – a cultural and heritage center empowering disadvantaged Nubians in villages and diaspora populations throughout the world. The organization does this by sponsoring and mentoring artists, designers, and small businesses to fulfill their missions, as well as facilitating marketing and distribution of Nubian products for greater exposure and recognition.

Under the host company Nubiavest, three subsidiaries are working to ensure sustainable and widespread change: the first organ, Al-Dar, looks after advisory and consultancy in digital enablement and engineering, the second foresees the development of sustainable communities and smart buildings (commercial and residential) headquartered in Cairo, and the third is, Malaz, for capital management and human development including individual empowerment and training headquartered in Aswan.

On the personal front, Osman lives in Florida, has two grown children, and enjoys sailing. It is her goal to bring about great change in the field of STEM and ensure sustainability – two areas that often aren’t taken into account together. She is passionate about the environment, equality and hopes to see the world move toward collective growth.