Meet Rena Malik: A Urologist Whose YouTube Channel Has the Answer to All Questions You’ve Been Too Shy to Ask

A trip to the doctor’s office can be an emotionally demanding experience. You’re sitting in the waiting room contemplating your decision to come here in the first place. The place is uncomfortably cold, and you keep on shifting in your seat in fear that at any moment now, you will be called into the office and expected to ask questions you’ve been too timid even to say out loud. This is when you decide that you are in picture-perfect health and keep your interaction with the doctor limited to incessant nods, smiles, and futile questions.


Dr. Rena Malik, a urologist and medical YouTuber is well aware of this interplay between a medical professional and his patient. Her years of experience in the medical arena have allowed her to understand the hesitance of patients when it comes to asking questions that may seem too personal or embarrassing. 

Being in the field of urology, Rena came across many patients who could not speak up about their health concerns regarding erectile dysfunction, sexual function, and other urinary problems. And while this hesitance is usually associated with a patient’s shyness, societal stigmas have much more to do with it. 

Realizing the repercussions this had on patients suffering from urological issues, Rena took up the challenge of informing the wider public about various health concerns through Youtube.

Throughout her years as a medical practitioner, Rena conducted thorough research on the spread of medical misinformation on social media. She aimed to empower men and women around the world by helping them develop a better understanding of their health concerns using evidence-based research. 

Since then, Rena has dedicated her time to answer questions that patients worldwide have been too shy to ask. She, through her YouTube channel, has created a safe haven for all those who wish to learn about issues pertaining to sexual health, bladder health, and various other urological diseases. Her subscribers are a community made up of unprejudiced individuals who are here to gain knowledge.


Rena Malik, through her venture, has been decontaminating the minds of those who believe that asking questions related to urological health is unacceptable. Her time working as a reconstructive surgeon made her acknowledge the importance of imparting information to patients through influencor. To this day, she is working on answering the many unasked questions of all those who remained silent sufferers in a world that is too censorious.