Meet Philistine Amenaki: An Entrepreneur, a Full-Time Nurse and a Travel Content Creator

Being on the constant move since childhood, Philistine developed a passion for traveling at a very young age. Ever since then, she’s been cultivating her traveling experiences and, as of recent, giving it a new shape and form. 

Creating travel content, as she reflects, hasn’t impeded her other preoccupations, which include working as a full-time nurse and an entrepreneur. She acknowledges her diverse background that has acquainted her with new places and enhanced her zest for traveling, which ultimately led to her travel blog in 2019. Born in France but originally hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Philistine has lived in several countries/cities, including Glasgow, Canada, and London, and is now settled in a small town called Sheffield. Philistine accredits her parents for affording her experiences that have shaped her outlook towards approaching certain things in her life. 

Philistine is also currently the owner of a beach hat brand called “tropical being.” Her brand revolves around empowering women of color to travel the world and to add classy and elegant tweaks to their vacation outfits. Philistine’s brand speaks to her inner belief of wanting women to aspire for the finer things in life, which they rightly deserve. Through her brand, she wants to normalize self-care indulgence for women and the idea that it’s okay to spoil oneself now and then as long as it makes them happy. Moreover, Philistine has already achieved a few impressive milestones. Philistine managed to sell out two of her hat designs within just a month of her brand launch. As for her travel blog, it picked up a substantial pace in 2020. Starting with only 800 followers, Philistine gained up to 7.3k followers, landing her on a benchmark filled with possibilities. 

Philistine hopes that her successes can serve as an exemplar for young people setting out to achieve their dreams. She believes that it’s essential for people to learn from their past mistakes and carry on forward without any hint of resentment. Philistine admits that although, in the beginning, she was prone to making mistakes, yet was able to push through with the help of those around her. She urges everyone not to be afraid of leaning on others for invaluable guidance that can steer them in the right direction.