Meet North America’s Most Wanted Amazon Consulting Firm that Helps Sellers Achieve 100% Automation

Valiant Consultants INC is a North American based firm that builds ‘done for you’ automated Amazon stores. The firm was founded by Steven Mayer(CEO), Michael Fisher(CMO) and Justin Preer (President). The three serial entrepreneurs came together to build automated Amazon stores for clients so that they can focus on their careers, other investments or spend more time with their families!

Before Valiant, Michael and Justin owned a marketing company with clients all over the world including bigger companies (One of which is a national campaign for the movie Jay and Silent Bob) while Steven has started 7-figure successful Amazon private-label businesses over the last 6 years.

A few months back, Valiant Consultants got a promotion from Grant Gardone. His team also purchased a store from them. Just recently, the firm expanded into Mexico with a high profile Media mogul based there. 

Why the Most Wanted

Amazon themselves stated that only less than one percent of products for sale have ingenuine reviews. Well, that figure might seem small but putting into account the size of Amazon, it translates to millions of fake reviews. This shows that the market yearns for real and honest sellers. Valiant provides just that and it is one of the reasons they are the most sort after firm in the market.

They understand that the reviews are the shopper’s entire experience. An honest review should tell you the good thing about a product and at the same time tell you what needs work. Their efficiency and expertise are other factors that make them sell. The high efficiency and success rate can be solely blamed on one thing, Amazon Automation. Valiant Consultants offer two automaton services; wholesale, and dropshipping automation.

Amazon Wholesale Automation

Technology, more specifically the internet, has made everything easier. It has made commerce easier. Now you can set up your own store online without all the troubles that come with a physical store. Even so, selling on Amazon is not becoming easier. Automation is the solution to that. With automation, instead of running your store yourself, an experienced team does it for you.

So how does it work? Well, in this case, Valiant lets you set up your store using their over the shoulder training videos. Then the automation starts with this next step. You give their team access to the store that you created. After that, you do nothing else but watch them grow your store for you as they handle everything from then on. They will find your products, list them with specific keywords, process all orders and take care of customer messages. 

Wholesale automation requires inventory capital, however, the return on investment is estimated around 10 to 30% and it’s a safer longer-term model (Minimal risk of account suspension / not against TOS).

Dropshipping Automation

Dropshipping is another efficient model of selling on Amazon. Here, you become a reseller for products that are already on sale and well established on Amazon. Valiant does all this for you. After the product sells online they go to their supplier in the USA where they place the order. The supplier then does the final step that is shipping the product to the customer.

The good thing about dropshipping is that with the right amount of working capital scales your store without having to buy upfront inventory. With dropshipping, there is no inventory involved, no FBA storage fees and you don’t even need licensing from suppliers.

Valiant Consultants was created for one reason. They want to see more people win, and they are making people win on Amazon.